Ubuntu Pastbin - Shareable Text Snippet

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I know a lot of snippet hosting sites out there. But I never thought Ubuntu would host their own. They have pretty simple code snippet hosting site. It looks something like this.


You have to choose the name as a poster. You also have to choose which language syntax color highlighting you want.

And also you can choose the expiration date if you want the snippet to expire.

Then after that you can add the snippet in the text field below that. And then press the paste button for finalizing the code snippet.

This is how the final output looks.


You can also access my snippet at this place: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/F2gdfSBmht/

If you want to start your own snippet for hosting it online. Check out the ubuntu paste: https://paste.ubuntu.com/

Now if you want to share your code or if you have any specific data that you want others to take a look and work on. You should definitely check out the Ubuntu Pastebin.