Clove: the spice with unexpected benefits

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Clove is an aromatic spice that gives speed to your dishes, but also a natural remedy for treating diseases of the oral cavity and beyond. Find out how to use clove essential oil for your health.


Cloves are a unique spice in many ways. In addition to enriching dishes and drinks with their strong aroma, they can also be used as a natural remedy to treat infections, as a digestive stimulant and dental pain reliever.

🌿Clove an oil rich in eugenol

Clove, derived from the dried flowers of Eugenia caryophyllata, an evergreen tree in the Myrtaceae family, is a native of the eastern spice.


The chemical components of cloves are:

In particular, eugenol, a propenylphenol, gives them their characteristic aroma and unmistakable fragrance. The antiseptic and anesthetic powers are also due to this component.

In addition, cloves have a good amount of beta karyophyllene, a natural anti-inflammatory.

From the flower buds, but also from the leaves and stems, a precious essential oil is extracted, which is the most precious part of the plant. Essential oils are, in fact, complex mixtures of organic substances obtained from plant material rich in essences.


🌿The healing virtues of cloves

The medicinal qualities of clove were already known to the ancients, who used it as an anesthetic for toothache. Even today they are used in numerous formulations of natural toothpastes.

In fact, cloves have prodigious antibacterial properties: it prevents the formation of germs, fungi and parasites and helps the body fight them.

Thanks to its high antimicrobial power, the essential oil was already used by the Egyptians to embalm corpses.

Its action is particularly beneficial for the digestive system as it helps expel intestinal gas, improves digestion and reduces abdominal bloating.

In addition, cloves are strongly antioxidant: as we have seen, they contain a very high percentage of tannins and flavonoids that counteract the processes of cellular aging due to the action of free radicals.

This spice can perform an important anti-inflammatory and analgesic function and therefore it is useful in case of seasonal ailments such as coughs, colds and sore throats. It also gives relief in case of inflamed and painful gums.
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