Life means struggle

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Hello everyone ....

I hope you are all well? I am also good Alhamdulillah. So welcome to my another blog. Let's start the blog. I hope you like it a lot.

I keep quoting it until we show signs. We are allowed to go out and live our daily lives in abundance. But our daughter can't go back to day care. This makes everything I mentioned above very challenging.


Of course, ours is not as bad as anyone in the world. As such I have a decent internet connection at home. There are places for some offices and I will go to my work on the weekends and pick up some more screens and a dock so I can deliver from home. However, this is not the norm.

We also began work on our next reform this week. But it seems we have to stick to it too. Which will make it difficult for us to meet the deadlines we need to complete. Which until a few days ago last hour, felt good within our reach. Things change quickly.

Yes, we will. But I'm tired of managing.

The last five years have all been about managing life for survival and I think my wife and I have done a very good job of considering it. In some ways, we have not only survived, we have achieved success and from this we have a great daughter. Money is one of the biggest challenges along the way and it continues to be a problem to this day.

This year though, I hope all the other year’s work together will create a situation where we never have to worry anymore. I know it’s long lasting in many ways and I know a lot of people still don’t believe it. But I hope to prove them wrong.

Hope is urgent.

I think we stay calm when we feel frustrated. Because there is no reason to try. I sometimes think I was put in the same kind of position where it was just me that I had to consider and deliver. Would I push hard?


I’ve always maintained that on top of the hive, older people usually have the resilience to make it through those seeds and thins. And perhaps even older people often become parents. Perhaps it is because no parent has a different view of the meaning and value of doing something regardless of the condition. Because they connect their activity with their family and most of the parents I know, they will work harder for themselves than for their children.

Every parent hopes for the best when it comes to children, although it usually doesn’t turn out to be things. Yet, parents always have enough hope to try and fight. Even if the situation is sure to fail.

There is a word in Finnish called “sisu” which slowly translates to “grit and determination” but it is about digging deep if the tank is already empty to find fuel to stand at the end. It’s actually quite a beautiful word and I think it’s most relevant in terms of what parents are willing to do for their kids. Whether it be three deeds or to die in a battle to defend the country. These things don’t seem comparable. But the reason people make the effort is to protect what they love.

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