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Hello friends,

Special thanks to @bright-obias for this wonderful contest. It is indeed an interesting one. Thumbs up. I am a Nigerian, i will talk about the problems my country Nigeria is facing.

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Nigeria is a middle-income country with a diverse economy and a rising market. Manufacturing, service, financial, technological, communications, and entertainment departments are all expanding. Despite this, the country continues to confront economic difficulties.

Nigeria's economic woes have long been a matter of debate in schools, social media platforms, and even the national assembly. But again, everyone understands what the real issue is: citizens and leaders have consistently failed to make things right in both governance and legislation.


  1. There is a lack of interaction between the government and the general public.

This issue is in the front row, along with Nigeria's other core economic challenges. Without developing contact between the government and the private sector and state civil society, the government will be unable to manage its economic, political, and social issues.

Granted, corruption is a worldwide problem, but Nigeria bears the brunt of it. People are recognizing that our country has a corrupt culture. For many years, Nigeria has profited handsomely from the rock-tar, which has since vanished into the abyss caused by corruption. Nigeria may be described as a weasel because it is an oil powerhouse that operates on the grease of politics.The issue, though, is that oil money does not get to the people. Top government officials are wealthy because they hide behind the lie that no one owns public funds. The national news is replete with stories about government officials buying million-dollar houses and stashing stolen public monies in foreign financial institutions.

3.Terrorism and crime
These two factors have a negative impact on the country's economic status. Many Nigerians have been awakened by the country's crime problem. People in some areas believe they can no longer freely walk around their neighborhoods.
Nigeria has failed to provide adequate public security, which is an important part of any state. Terrorist assaults are on the rise in the Nigeria.
Boko Haram's operations throughout the years have resulted in this. Bombings, kidnappings, and other violent occurrences do not provide Nigerians with a sense of security. In Nigeria, Boko Haram is a well-known destabilizing force. You've probably heard about Boko Haram's kidnappings of hundreds of children, predominantly girls (about 276 Chibok schoolgirls), from communities and schools in Northern Nigeria in 2014.They were between the ages of 17 and 18. These young ladies were students at the Government Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria. Due to the imminent fear of murder and kidnapping in Nigeria's northern region, students are unable to complete their studies. We also have Bandits in nigeria, whose purpose of harm is yet to be known. Just recently another group has surfaced,unknowngunmen

The lack of consistency and politicians' avarice are two of the reasons for the economy's hemorrhaging. Instead of concentrating on the prior policy initiative, each administration that comes on board creates a new one. As a result, Nigeria has a slew of ineffective and poorly implemented policies. Under President Olusegun Obasanjo's administration, the federal government launched the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy in 2003. (NEEDS). Prof Charles Soludo, the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, led a program targeted at achieving long-term growth and poverty reduction in the country. The program, however, did not achieve its goal.Umaru Musa Yar'adua's late administration ignored the people's needs. His administration devised a strategy to transform Nigeria into one of the world's top 20 economies by 2020. As a result, this program, which now appears to be dead, has sucked up a sizable sum of money that could have been utilized to address some of Nigeria's political and socioeconomic difficulties at the time. Goodluck Jonathan came up with his own agenda of feeding children,when he left office that agenda died. Currently president muhamadu Buhari has come up with his change policy and changing 1dollar to 1naira, we are all experiencing the effect.

5.Lack of Human development
Human resources, in general, play a critical role in the success or failure of any country or company. The majority of Nigeria's economic issues are a reflection of the country's poor economic health and human development. This has been a situation that has been neglected for a long time. The problems that educational institutions face have a direct impact on the issues that arise in the country.

6.The market's nature
One of the issues confronting the economy is a lack of genuine competition. Actual capitalism economics is guided by market forces. The market's self-regulating nature determines where one works and lives, how much one makes, and what one may purchase. Every economy, by the way, necessitates some level of government intervention.However, i am not discussing a monopoly. Healthy competition and good market governance must go hand in hand. Nigeria, unfortunately, is not one of the places where these two can be found in one dimension. The federal government has a legal monopoly over the pricing of products, services, and other things. In 2016, the federal government hiked the price of gasoline at random, without warning. Today we are facing hike in every commodity.

Unemployment is one of Nigeria's most serious challenges, and many people are dissatisfied as a result of the widespread unemployment. It appears that we are going in circles. Due to the economic slump, unemployment is at an all-time high, and we are in a difficult economic scenario. We must break free from this terrible circle.
According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigeria's unemployment rate was 23.1 percent in 2019, with a 16.6 percent underemployment rate. After graduating from higher education institutions, students frequently experience poor morale owing to unemployment. Many Nigerian graduates were unable to acquire useful skills as a result of their schooling. They were too preoccupied with reading textbooks to put what they had learned into practice. As a result, people apply for jobs and are turned down owing to a lack of specific knowledge. As a result, graduates often remain at their parents' homes for an extended period of time, growing increasingly pessimistic and frustrated. It is one of the most common causes of criminality among teenagers. They resort to unethical behavior.

8.Lack of infrastructure
Infrastructure may appear to be a minor issue in comparison to other concerns such as Boko Haram, but how can a country thrive without a reliable power supply? The energy department is mismanaged and unscrupulous, and many of its employees lack the necessary training and abilities.
In general, domestic output suffers in such circumstances, and many foreign companies find it difficult to invest in Nigeria due to the frequent power outages. This difficulty ensures that the country remains on the list of Third World countries each year.

9.Education and university system
Corruption has now extended across the Nigerian educational system, particularly in universities. Professors are accustomed to receiving payment from students in exchange for high grades. Some students claim they have to pay university officials in order to have their exam results submitted and compiled for the National Youth Service Corps. A prominent lecturer at Rivers State University was recently fired for extorting money from his pupils in order to boost their marks. This is a real depiction of the current state of affairs in most nigerian campuses. This country's higher education institutes and universities are in bad shape. There aren't enough facilities to fully educate students so that they can be valuable to businesses after graduation. Too much theory and a complete lack of experience in our educational institutions is a major problem.

10.Problem of Health and Environment

The country's health and environmental standards are in a terrible state.
Amnesty International said in 2015 that hundreds of oil leaks occur each year in Nigeria's Niger Delta, owing to sabotage, pipe deterioration, and oil companies' callous attitude. Oil prices have also risen as a result of this. Nutrients and other important materials in the soil are wilted by oil spills.The Niger Delta's farming and fishing communities, as well as the overall economy, may suffer as a result of this deterioration.
In Nigeria, litter and waste items are strewn across the streets and highways. The spread of diseases is aided by improperly dumped garbage, which has a negative impact on the Nigerian economy. Another major economic challenge for the country is the health problem. People are harmed by a paucity of medicines and inexperienced doctors with poor educational backgrounds.

Issues That have affected me.

I have faced lots of issues,but i will share only few experiences.

  • During my days at Rivers state college of Health,i faced the issue of sexual harrassment,where a lecturer gave a condition that he will only allow me pass his course if i had sexual intercourse with him. I will get grade A if i paid for a hotel room and grade B if i had it with him in his office. I refused,and i failed the course for 2years, my third year, the course was removed from him,as a result of change in the Head of department. That was how i passed.

  • Due to high rate of crime, during my level 200 in River state university,on my way to school that faithful tuesday morning, i was robbed of my phone, and a huge sum in my bag. The most annoying part was that i was standing in front of a police station,waiting for cab. Just Imagine.

  • I am a graduate of Environmental biology,as we speak currently,there is no Job. We only survive by the grace of God.

  • Last year,my dad went for double major operation. We spent a lot of fortune due to half-baked doctors. One of the openings was not properly sewn,and it resulted in complications. We had to move him to different hospitals and specialist. We spent more than we expected.

Solutions i will render.

*Just like the saying, "Communication is the key"
I will include processes and systems that allow citizens and groups to express their concerns, arbitrate disagreements, and collaborate. Good leadership will create an environment that allows people to benefit from good governance and fairness. Good governance begins with us.

*I will ensure that skill acquisation courses are run in universities to produce skilled graduates.

*I will make sure that universities are equipped with all the necessary facilities for proper practicals.

*I will partner with the private sector to create Job opportunities

*I Will make sure that hardworking students are rewarded handsomely.

*There will be more trained security personnels to help curb insecurity.



Hmmmn...I'm really sorry about the challenges you faced during your undergraduate studies. That lecturer must be out of his mind but then, does "sex for grade" still exist in schools?

 2 months ago 

Yes oh. Just recent on news, 2 professors from unilag got sacked.

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