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Point Blur_Feb232021_131339-01.jpeg

<div class="text-center"Today I cleared some of the grass that started to cover the entire fence of the house and in that grass there were some spiders that had made their webs, because they were inside. My grass was gouging it out of its nest so it wouldn't be buried in the grass using wood and I took some macrophotography pictures of the spider..

Point Blur_Feb232021_131314-01.jpeg

Point Blur_Feb232021_131300-01.jpeg

Point Blur_Feb232021_131242-01.jpeg

Point Blur_Feb232021_131327-01.jpeg

Point Blur_Feb232021_131428-01.jpeg

Point Blur_Feb232021_131339-01.jpeg

After I took some macrophotography pictures of the spider, I let it go over the wall of the fence and I continued cleaning the grass.

Thisare some of my today's macrophotography images.

Thank you for visiting the page on day macrophotography smartphone @Deltasteem .

Smartphone xiomi note 4 + Macro lens.

ISO otomatis.

My editing uses the Snapseed app.


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