"The Solution Is Less Pollution" : CLEAN MY CITY RIVER BANK

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I am everyday promoting Steem but I would love also promote planet cleaning on Steemit. Steem is a unique platform where we can change our lives and environment arround us. I am happy that posting about charity, donations, protecting environment are always trendy on Steemit. I want to make it trendy "The Solution Is Less Pollution".
I have my favourite river in my city that is very beautiful mountain river. People love it but at the same time pollute it crazily. So I decided to start from myself and motivate people who were that day on the river bank.

I don't live close by the river so we set off early morning and started our mission " Clean River".


We were lucky as the weather was really nice. Since I can't drive a car, I asked my friend to bring me to the river. He was actually very surprised when he heard about my plan to clean river. I told him that Steemit inspired me so he became really curious about steem. I think soon he will open his account.


We got to the river after 30 minutes if driving. The mountains are really close to the city so we have many tourists here. Normally, people leave a lot of trash on the ground without understanding that polluting environment, they pollute our Planet. I have never been Green Peace member or something like that but I never could throw or leave trash after me.


I am dresseing STEEM SKILLSHARE TSHIRT and I feel myself super cool.

I think many of us live in a places where we can literally collect tons of trash without walking to far from our cities.

Some people were nice and helped us to collect trash as well but decided to be anonymous.

We had a very nice opportunity to educate people about human impact on environment as well as promoting Steem Skillshare.

I am glad that Steemit has changed my life. I am happy that publishing this post I hope more people will be encouraged to participate and I believe our planet can become cleaner.


I was surprised how many different sorts of trash people leave after having pic nic or short trip to the mountains. You can find all sorts of plastic and even some tools that has nothing to do with vacations.

We can educate and teach people by promoting " THE SOLUTION IS LESS POLLUTION " on Steemit and promote Steem to people around us.


It was a great day we could clean a lot of trash in short period. It's jut a beginning. 🥰
Thank you for reading this post.



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It's an awesome post!! I'll pick you since it's obvious that you've taken the pictures, but for the next time, please add details of the camera used.

Thank you for sharing in Steem Geography! Your post has been selected for today as part of the Steemit Communities support Program.
I appreciate a lot your engagement with this community.

I’d love to hear more from you!!

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Thank you so much!! I will do it!! Sorry for missing it out😊

Thank you ☺️

Thank you so much!! I am also going to send donations. Can I write post about you on Steem SkillShare?

Very Very Nice Post We should all learn a lesson from your post. In keeping the environment of our city clean, we should participate more in charity work. And also those who throw garbage in parks and recreational places. Care should be taken. Because they spread pollution which causes various diseases in the city.

Thank you, I'm very pleased.🥰 And if at least 1 person cleans up the garbage near their house, I'll be very happy.☺️ So it's not for nothing that I lived that day!🙋🏻‍♀️🤝

You did a good job! I am impressed 🥰

Thank you very much🌸 I’m very happy☺️

It's very cool

Thank you 👍

Well done, Кстати я говорю на русском языке

О, прикольно. Откуда Вы знаете русский язык?)

Well i know a lot about Russia, about Russian culture, Russian history, and Russian cities, like Moscow the capital city and city of rich people, Saint Petersburg a very beautiful city and this city is very famous for white nights during summer, i also know many other cites, Ufa, Kazan, Sochi, Cheylabinks, Barnul, and many others.

Oh, that's very cool. 👍 I've never been to Russia, but we speak Russian and know a lot about Russia 🇷🇺

where are you from ?

I’m from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿

Alright nice to meet you

Nice to meet you too. Pakistan 👍

i am from Pakistan

Your energy is an inspiration by itself.

Thank you very much, I'm very pleased.🥰 That's just a small part of my life that I'm showing here😉

At the end of your life, and you are sitting on the garden bench with your loved ones around you, you will have lots of stories to tell.

Wow! Amazing @milakz . Great initiative!

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