New project: Introduce Yourself On Steem🏞️ Geography By @tangera

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Hello my friends of this beautiful community @SteemGeography. How are you all? I am fine i hope you are also doing good.
I am @tangera , 🇧🇩BangladeshI from England.

Today i am going to participate in the New project: Introduce Yourself On Steem Geography. Really it’s a wonderful community, got some different kinds of activities. This community is doing very well, always giving some opportunity to people to show their talent. All credit goes to @belenguerra mam who is very creative and hardworking also doing a great things for this community. I also liked this community name Steem Geography , I am very interested about Geography.

Now going to introduce me with this community. I am Bangladeshi, living in England for 11 years. All you know England is a very beautiful place for living, it’s a multicultural country. People of this country is very peaceful. I really enjoining to live this country. I am married, got two kids ( girls) , one is 9 years old, another is 6 years old. My husband is Restaurent business man.

I have completed Honours and Master’s degree (Botany) from Bangladesh. Now I’m studying in Business level 5, also a house wife.

Hobby: My hobby is gardening, also like for cooking and travelling. I have got a big place for gardening. Every year we are growing, vegetables, fruits and flowers. Really we enjoy it that is a great relaxing for us.

Here are some garden flowers:









My kids

I also like cooking and travelling. Few days ago went to Tilgate lake with my family. We enjoyed lots, the was really amazing for all ages people. Because you will get everything, the beautiful artificial nature , lake, kids riding, animal zones, cafes etc. Here is some beautiful snaps.










Really I am enjoying the steemit platform. Got some new friends. Learning lots of things about different people , their cultures, food , clothes , habit,geographical conditions . Learned about crypto currency’s that was really unknown for me. I had not any idea about steemit that can possible to earn money by it . One of my friend told me about this amazing platform, for this I joined her to learn about this and found really it’s a wonderful place, also possible to earn money.

My next intention is to be a active member for this community if I get support from you. I like this community because People get support equally from this community, also admin is so kind, very good person , she is making interesting contest for this community. I love this type of contest.that is really enjoyable .Thanks to all, special thanks to @belenguerra for giving us the chance to us for this post. Also thanks to @bright-obias and @badsha.


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Thank you for sharing in Steem Geography! Your post has been selected for today as part of the Steemit Communities support Program.
I appreciate a lot your engagement with this community.

I’d love to hear more from you!!

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Thank you very much dear @belengurra, it’s lot for me, sure I will do my best.

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