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Learning a science is actually very easy, the main key is that you have to manage the time and be sincere to study on a learning theme. In our journey of life, we can learn a lot starting from the natural and cultural environment, we must know it.

Actually there are so many opportunities in front of your eyes, to learn the things you need to know about it. I myself have actually talked about learning motivation for a long time about the achievements that I have today. Like raindrops attached to the duan, why do they get attached there? Because they are united and in pairs, as well as learning something science, your main key must be sure when you face challenges in your life journey, what is in front of your eyes is very obligatory for you to know the meaning behind that challenge and its function.




Opportunities will not be repeated for the second time, make the best of your time, wherever you go knowledge is needed, without your knowledge it is useless for you and also for others. The cycle of everyday life is very fleeting, make yourself an accomplished person, and good at science. Education starts from an early age so that your mind is young to run your mission when you need to explain something to others.




Dewattached to a natural object is the result of the outpouring of evaporating seawater, so that they are scattered at night throughout the natural environment.









I continue to understand and find out how nature shows us personality, behind these drops of water dew has many meanings and benefits, including morning dew which can be a medicine for a body that experiences cramps and aches in your body parts, in the morning. You can use the dew and rub the palms of your hands on the surface of the plant leaves, after that you can apply it to the parts of the body that ache.

I hope that this scientific motivation can be useful, also beneficial to all circles, all this imagination is private property as well as @tinta-tertuang extraordinary nature-selected pictures.

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