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Original photo, no filter. I've had this shot saved on my hard drive for quite awhile now. Sometimes the more I like the photo the longer it sits around waiting to be posted. So check it out, I have a folder with a bunch of pics in it, each day I go there and decide which one I want to post. As soon as I make a post I take the original photo and slide into a separate folder, it then disappears and it's out of place out of mind. With this being said maybe I like to keep the better looking ones around a little longer since they're good on the eyes. Makes sense don't it? I'm loving the way this orange color came to life in the shot. Different shades of orange almost pink that blend together making this moment caught in time appealing to the senses. So long to this shot because as soon as it's posted I'll slide it into that folder I'm referencing. Trust the process.

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Good morning, your picture is very nice🌷