Cuppa Time with Russ - 12th March 2020

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Welcome to Cuppa Time with Russ

Watch the Video below to find out whats happening at Pistol Packin Mama, How you can win a daily prize and who our featured member is for today

Pistol Packin Mama is a great Traffic Exhange with a very active membership base!

Pistol Packin Mama is Free to join and you can remain a Free Member or you can take advantage of the great upgrade offers. There are a number of great benefits for members at PPM and I recommend that this be one of the sites you add to your arsenal.

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Oh Russ... thank you... Mama be blushin' with pleasure over them fancy words y'all be sayin'... Jus' be droppin' Mama a support ticket with yer username, sayin' y'all saw this fine video that Russ made, and Mama be droppin' an extra 250 credits to yer account!

Hi Renee @mamasez :) thats a great offer , thanks , and PPM is a great site :)

710 credits gets you The Spot. And @mamasez is a wonderful person--loves her family, her CTP team, her cats. Get quality traffic from a quality business owner.

Another cool TE to get some traffic!
Congrats Lisa!
The Spot costs 710 credits :)

Thanks, Russell and Eliana! 710 credits will take the spot!