Dragonfly on Rusty Barb Wire

in Photography11 months ago

After getting back from hunting spot, while taking rest, I spotted a dragonfly stood firmly on barb wire. It is a yellow dragonfly that usually flies around my yard and I have been trying to catch it up for quite some time, but today, I finally got its photos. So, here I came with three photos of a yellow dragonfly perches on barb wire.




CameraNikon D7000
CategoryNature Photography
Focal Length50 mm. F/6.3.

I have always been fascinated by dragonflies and have tried many times to capture a decent shot but not with much luck, they are fast little critters. Good catch.

This is a real beauty you caught on frame.
Really impressive.
I’m new here, do be kind to cheer on me ... ☺️

thanks.. most welcome.

The nature is awesome, i like it. Your pic is beautiful. Thanks for share with us.

I see that we share the same passion for nature and all the beauty it brings us. I congratulate you for taking a perfect picture from my point of view! I hope we can continue and support each other in this community.

Nice work, impressive.

Estoy comenzando mi viaje por esta plataforma y como soy amante de la naturaleza, pase por aquí a dejarte un comentario..que hermosas fotos muy realista, felicidades eres buena!!!