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Hi everybody!

Am glad to greet you once again.

Am @lovveday from Nigeria, i saw the recent update from @steemitblog and i found it very intresting so i decided to participate.

In my country Nigeria, as of presently, everywhere is heated up due to the ongoing protest.

The placard inscription is: #endsars, #endswat #endbadgovernance.

Few minutes ago, the edo state govt announced a curfew in the state which means no movement.

I needed to take pictures of my environment and participate in the challenge so i stepped out to snap this.

Our workplace(store) also used occassionally as our house.


8JGP+HJ Benin City

We used those green nets to cover our window because of the mosquitoes that enters through the window. Our area is full of bush and there is a pit in front of us that grows mighty swam of mosquitoes everyday and the owner refuses to cover it.

The side of our house


8JGP+HJ Benin City

This is the place where we grow our food. We planted yams here last year and the harvest was bounty. We left the land to gather more strength this year so we can plant again next year. Look at our banana and plaintain plantation. I harvested two bunch of plaintain yesterday and i just ate some plaintains.😋😋

The pit (soakaway)


8JGP+HJ Benin City

The soakaway was built for this uncompleted building close to it. It generate most of the mosquitoes around. I dont get sick frequently due to malaria, because my body now have the ability to manage it.

This is my lane of my street.


8JGP+HR Benin City

This place became mudy and bad when some heavy machine graded the road and rain fell on it immediately. Sweeping the soil away. This lane leads to orobator street.

The shop i pick my stuffs from


8JGP+JQ Benin City

I usually pick my stuffs from this shop, not because it is cheap but because it in my street and it not far from me. It owned by a woman named mama favour

A church close to me.


8JGP+HR Benin City

Although this church is close to me, i dont attend their services. I have never steped my foot there because i already have a church am dedicated to.

My street: i know it as ofuwengbe street.


8JGQ+C2 Benin City

Presently, the junction of the street is blocked with the chairs from a funiture maker. All due to the ongoing protest like i mentioned above👆 before. The main road is void of vehicles. Chairs and tables are on the roads. You ticket to pass is a green plant, to show you support the protest.

st. Paul anglician church along 2nd east circular


8JGP+7V Benin City

This church has its fence in our street and it fence also flows through the lane. It a big church and it covers a wide space, that its fence ends our street in the main road and start my lane inside the street

The school at the back of our workplace


8JGP+HJ Benin City

The name of this school is called "Ultmost Glory Group Of School". It has some children attending even also my neigbours children. But today, they drove their children home and told them not to come tomorrow because of the ongoing protest.

The uncompleted building by the side of our workplace


8JGP+HJ Benin City

This house as people say belongs to a woman named blackkie. She owns some houses in town, and gives it out for rent. The house is still under construction as you can see.

thank you for reading through

This post is set to 100%.

All pictures were shot today itself


It seems charming.

Na. My area is very bizzard. Other places i saw in other post was more healthy, beautiful and organised.

Thats why we are begging our govt to help us.

I did a check up and saw that @steemcurator01 did not vote my post. Even after walking past the tag #mytown10pics. Maybe it not quality enough.

Although he didnt visit any of my diaries. To say the truth, it does bother me, that i cant satisfy their taste. But it wont make me stop posting on steemit.


8JGP+HJ Benin City

The view from the map is outdated. Dont believe it

It only the coconut tree that is in both view

This building have been in progress since last year.

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