Forbidden Sun photos with a fancy camera!

in Photography2 years ago

What's up Steemit?

Tonight I am posting a couple of the photos from my first photoshoot with a fancy camera!

After being repeatedly frustrated by my hardware, @kommienezuspadt loaned me a super nice camera:)
All of my previous photos and videos were done with a Galaxy S5.

I couldn't wait to use a camera with good light sensitivity and a manual focus.


Here, Tealc is chilling with his candle.

This is actually the first photo that I took.
I'm getting a little freaked out at how nice the images are!


I'm going to be spending the next several days learning how to use the camera and taking videos.
My brain is exploding at the possibilities for music videos!!!

May blessings find you, Steemit.


Those are some great shots! The quality is amazing.

Have fun taking more cool photos. :)