Ogrebones the gargoyle.

in Photography2 years ago


Greetings Steemit!
Last night, I picked up a used tablet stand(for reading music from a tablet on stage) which I will never use fir it's intended purpose.
I immediately set it up as a perch for my largest gargoyle, Ogrebones.
It's really sturdy, and it puts Ogrebones around 5 feet in the air!


He's been sitting on a high shelf since I moved to the place I live now, which is fine, but the shelf is off in a corner.
I am excited to have Ogrebones once again in the mix of my family.

Hopefully the rest of the family appreciate the new perch.
Tealc seems to like it just fine.


May blessings find you, Steemit.


The gargoyle that have been engraved in my memory @tarotbyfergus are those found in the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, the novel by Victor Hugo captured magnificently in the musical opera directed by Riccardo Cocciante.



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