Quarantine Photos

in Photography2 years ago

Happy Quarantine, Steemit...

I'm doing what I can to keep from losing my mind.
As it turns out, Minneapolis isn't much fun without coffee shops.

I've been taking as many photos as I can in different lighting conditions.
@kommienezuspadt loaned me his backup camera(good timing) and it has been keeping me busy:)


I don't know shit about photography, but I like the stuff that I'm doing and it's so much fun!


In between photos, I have been playing Skyrim. I made a character based on Martha Stewart.

She's a chef, entrepeneur, and necromancer:)

Other than Skyrim and photos, I've just been chillin.


Be safe, Steemit, and may your blessings find you.



T H A N X 4 H E L P I N G ME B L O W MY W A D...