How to attain crunchy fried chicken but juicyness overload like in the pastfood.

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Currently im doing it for my small business. I wanna share this to help anyone who like to put up small business and give an ideas. I did small business to gain extra money because im only the breadwinner for my own family, i told my husband to stop into work for the goodsake of my 2 children that has always sicked before.

Before the pandemic COVID 19 happened I started the business well and the right formula was done.

Here are the tips to attain the crunchy yet juicy inside fried chicken.

In a bowl/ basin, placed the Fresh chicken from the market, add the salt and pepper and mixed for 3-5 minutes.

Put powder meat tenderizer and mix for 3 minutes.

to help you attain soft texture, meat tenderizer is natural enzyme called pappain that come from fruit "papaya" or in pineapple, enzyme has a capability to breakdown the meat fiber.

Add the Accord phosphate powder, please do research for the amount. This powder to help binding or holding the water available in the surface of meat and have maintain the ph higher that make the product stable. This gave the juicyness to our product.

Add mineral icecubes or chilled water, about 300-500ml for 3kg meat. Mix

You may add fresh garlic or additional spices if you like.

Put in the chiller if the refrigerator, and pulled out after 6hrs marination.

Add the 1:1 ratio of corn starch and AFP. Mix well.

Then, put in PE bag and sealed.

Store in a freezer of refrigerator for longer Shelf life.

Pull out and thaw when you like to cook. Its a Ready to fry .

I hope I can help to anyone. Just thumbs up when you like this article. Soon Ill be posting again.


Wow! Nice post. Love the picture too.
Try formatting the post into sections so that it becomes easier to read.

Here is a link to an article as example. How many pics you should use i leave that you.... but breaking down sections help people read the recipe better :)

Ok ma'am thank you again for the advice for the better

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