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Do you have any health or medical issues you would like to resolve? This week ecoTrain, Natural Medicine and Pure Thai Naturals (@artemislives) are teaming up to present you with a very special opportunity to learn first hand about how to heal ourselves with a holistic approach with a very special Doctor turned Integrative Medicine Consultant and Practitioner, Dr. Mathew Joseph MBBS, MD.

Mathew was an allopathic doctor and surgeon, and converted to holistic and natural medicine many years ago, and has agreed to answer our heath or medical questions from a natural medicine or holistic healing perspective. This is a special opportunity to consult with someone who I can only describe as masterful!

Mathew integrates his knowledge of conventional western medicine, acquired over 25 years of experience at leading hospitals in India and Internationally, with new skills and knowledge gained from the study of herbal medicine, Ayurveda, acupressure and other alternative therapeutic practices. So, don't by shy, ask away because you never know what you will discover!

I would like to begin by giving a huge thank you to @mathewjoseph for donating his time to take on this special event with us, and for giving what are effectively going to be Free Consultations to those of you who comment and ask questions. What makes this opportunity that much more special is Dr Mathews himself. It is one thing to know the theory and have knowledge about Holistic medicine and how to treat and heal the body. It is quite another thing to have the skills, temperament, intuitiveness, compassion and experience needed to be able to help others heal themselves effectively. I first met Dr Mathew when he visited my home around 6 years ago. I was unable to even sit, and had been in continuous incredible pain for over a week. This was about as bad as lower back pain could get, and I was completely crippled. Using only gentle acupressure and a few stretches, and about 30 minutes of time, I was suddenly and unexpectedly able to not only sit, but also stand and walk!

If you have any personal medical issues such as back pain, sciatica, heart problems, digestive issues, allergies, or symptoms like low-energy or depression that you have not been able to shift, then this is a special opportunity to ask your questions in the comments of this post and find out what a Holistic Doctor would say! This opportunity is not so much about getting a diagnosis, or specific treatment for a problem (although that may happen for some of you); as it is learning and understanding the priorities and way of thinking with holistic medicine. As Mathew says:

"Whether it's someone with an auto-immune disease, hypertension, asthma, endocrine disorder or such, my effort is to seek and correct the IMBALANCE which is the root cause. "

If you are learning or practicing natural medicine this is also a wonderful opportunity to read the different questions and see what Mathews comments and responses are, as well as to ask your own questions.

There are times when allopathic (modern) medicine runs out of options, or what you are doing simply isn't working. Maybe you are tired of painkillers, or are stuck on various medicines to help keep certain symptoms at bay! What makes holistic medicine special is that it diagnoses and treats the whole person, and the root causes of illness or disease using a large range of options. Holistic treatments can take many forms and can be as simple as learning some stretches, or a few acupressure points to push. It may involve making changes to our lifestyle, as well as taking natural medicines like flower essences, homoeopathy etc.. There is no magic pill though, and holistic treatments are normally given along with dietary and lifestyle changes that need to be made to bring our bodies back in balance. Holistic Practice treats and heals the entire person and not just an organ or specific symptom.

About @mathewjoseph

A former physician for several years in India and Bermuda, Mathew now exclusively practices natural medicine and integrative bodywork in Australia. Mathew Joseph is an Integrative Medicine Consultant and Practitioner with 25 years of experience in Modern Medicine and Holistic Medicine. Mathew has a Wide range of skills in Alternative therapies including Traditional Thai Acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang, Reflexology and Naturopathy. Mathew conducts corporate and school Wellness Workshops, as well as specialised Health and Wellness workshops for Musicians and Music schools. Distance, online telephone and video consults available. Mathews approach to naturopathy reflects his commitment to sustainable wellness and is centred around the traditional 5 element system, utilising herbs and supplements only when necessary.

A Few Testimonials

I have not met even one dissatisfied patient. Although his appointment book is full for many days ahead, he never turns you away if it is an emergency, somehow fitting you in. I don't know of any other doctor who calls patients, whom he is particularly concerned about, on a daily basis to enquire how they are, and sometimes to adjust the medication.
His compassion, his skill and knowledge, his humility and enquiring mind make Dr Mathew a true healer.
J.K [Kodaikanal, India]

HIMAL Clinic is such a special place. It isn't often that one can find the sort of care offered by Dr. Mathew; a safe place to talk through what is disturbing your body or mind, sound medical advice, and a variety of treatments and techniques employed in a holistic way to treat and heal you. I've seen Dr. Mathew for a variety of ailments and have always left HIMAL feeling better than when I walked in. From reflexology to chi nei tsang, I have learned a great deal about where I tend to have blockages or problems in my body and also how to prevent these issues in the future and how to heal myself should the need arise.
M.C [U.S.A]

I am writing to recommend Dr. Mathew Joseph, not only a skilled M. D. but also an accomplished practitioner of Alternative Medicine.
Because of severe back pain due to lifelong scoliosis, I was referred to Dr. Mathew recently. Since I had had spinal meningitis as a child, I had little hope that my recurrent neck and back pain would ever be relieved.
Yet, even after the first treatment, during which Dr. Mathew gave manual therapeutics and massage, I began to feel a noticeable relaxation, especially in my lower back where I had been experiencing sharp pain that prevented me from sleeping properly.
Since that first session, I have returned for four more treatments, and I can honestly say that it has been several decades since I have felt almost totally free from tension and pain in my neck and back.
I plan to continue these treatments as often as possible -- once or twice each week -- as long as I am here in India. where I make my home for several months each year. I plan to return to my home in the United States at the end of May. And I am happy to say that I also plan to return without the back pain that I have learned to live with most of my life. I am seventy-eight years old now, and with this kind of relief, I know I will live much longer.
Dr. Mathew is one of the reasons I will look forward to returning to India each year.
R.G [U.S.A]

Dr Mathew is hands down the finest doctor and healer I have had the fortune to meet. He has taken care of many health issues in a manner that I can only describe as masterful. I was relieved of incredible back problems that had me in severe pain for two weeks. Within 45 minutes I was pain free and walking again. This was to me a miracle, and showed me how well he knows the body.
Many other issues have been resolved simply because Dr Mathew takes the time to listen carefully and diagnose me correctly. I have been diagnosed several times perfectly, even after many other allopathic and holistic doctors have not managed to do so. This has allowed swift treatment and a good recovery in all cases.
I can't recommend Dr Mathew enough. You are surely in very good hands when you visit.
A.L [U.K]

I am well. A year ago I was diagnosed as hypertensive and was advised to see a doctor. It was my good fortune to meet Dr. Mathew Joseph and be taken under his intuitive care. I come away after every treatment with him with a great sense of well being. Indeed at 85 he keeps me well. I am well.
P.R. [U.K]

I hope we will all learn a lot through this process, I am really looking forward to reading both the questions and certainly the answers to the questions that you ask! I feel like just reading them will teach me so much about Holistic Medicine and how to apply it to our own lives. Mathew has a lot of wisdom and knowledge to share, so that we may have a better understanding of what Holistic Medicine is really all about. Please feel free to ask about any medical issue you have, whether or not its something you have spoken to a doctor about. Who knows, maybe you will find the answer to a long standing niggle that you have given up trying to fix!

How To Participate?

We're keeping this very simple. If you would like to ask Mathew a question then please do so in the comments below. We will continue to keep this going for 7 days, during which time Mathew will answer as many of your questions as he can. If we are deluged with a lot of questions, Mathew will answer those that he feels he can best help.

When asking your questions please try to keep them brief BUT include any information that you think is relevant, including anything your doctor may have said.

Please include the following information in your questions:

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Hello from Thailand, Mathew.

A client asked me this question online just 30 minutes ago, and I'd really value your opinion. We were chatting about the use of Andrographis paniculata as a prophylactic to boost immune response for those who need to travel in this covid-19 world. I cautioned my client to cycle the intake with periods of abstention, so as not to over exert his liver function.

Is there an optimal cycling ratio? X days on vs XX days off? Is that cycling ratio standard for "most" herbs and is there a basis from which it is calculated?

Curious. :)

Excellent question! The issue, as you're probably well aware, is the lack of reliable multi-centre trials that look at the efficacy of herbs like Andrographis as a preventive especially in the scenario of a new epidemic/pandemic. While it's immune boosting potential is fairly well-established [particularly TNF-alpha mediated] as far as I am aware there is no study that determines a recommended cycling pattern to use for such a purpose. Prolonged use does cause elevated liver enzymes and hence it does make sense to avoid that. The half-life of Andrographolide is about 6 hours so maintaining therapeutic plasma levels would require repeat dosing. What that means is that 'off' periods would imply no protection.So in the covid-19 scenario, in the absence of any reliable information a best guess would be to use herbs like Andrographis at times when the risk of exposure is maximal for example flights, conferences etc. With regard to cycling I am aware there was a study done a while ago using Echinacea for travellers at risk of respiratory illness on long haul flights. The cycling used there was 2 weeks prior to, during and 2 weeks after the flight. I don't know what the basis of that dosing frequency was. Some commercial preparations of Echinacea like the Triple Guard formulation recommend intervals of two weeks before repeating a course of treatment. So there might be something to that figure but I'm not sure of it's pharmacokinetic basis.So here we are...not much to go by really... In fact i was just yesterday recommending to my son who is going to be travelling a fair bit over the next couple of months that he take Echinacea, Vit C and Zinc once a fortnight and whenever he is on a flight...and I have no real scientific basis for my advice besides that one study from Griffith University which was for the common cold and URI's and certainly not for the covid-19 scenario! So I can only suggest that anybody considering such an approach should educate themselves on the potential adverse affects and drug interactions of any herbs they take and seek professional advise for their individual concerns.

wonderful answer, thank you for going into so much detail! very useful to read that part where you say:

I was just yesterday recommending to my son who is going to be travelling a fair bit over the next couple of months that he take Echinacea, Vit C and Zinc
Im headed to Portugal via a few high risk areas in three weeks.. ill be dosing up on that VItC and Zinc.. i think i finished my Echinacea!.. pumpkin seeds are good for zinc right?

Great answer & I learned something really important about the half-life of andrographolide. When we are in an "on" cycle we use x4 daily, which fits perfectly. My intuition feeling very validated. 😍😊

The lack of research IS deeply frustrating.

wow, Theres a first question! Glad im not having to answer it ;-) whats covid-19 ?

covid-19 the official name they have given to coronavirus.

of course! what else?

@trucklife-family here, this is such a wonderful event that you have brought to the platform. Thank you @eco-alex, @artemislives, @riverflows and @matthewjoseph for creating this opportunity, I look forward to reading all the wonderful advice given.

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First, thank you so much for doing this! A wonderful initiative I wish as many people as possible will see.
My question is a rather general one, yet unfortunately quite polarising, and I would appreciate getting you opinion.

My question is pertaining to vaccines.
Namely, do you have a definitive clear cut answer as to for or against? Does age play any part, or is there no danger in early exposure? And if there is no definitive answer, what vaccine would you recommend as necessary? And which have natural alternatives?
Thank you so much for your time and good work.

It's probably best to clarify the question here ...i think what you're mainly enquiring about [for or against] is the immunization schedule in public health systems. Vaccines can be incredibly useful and in many instances life saving. Anti-rabies vaccination for example...I would urge anyone at risk [either pre-or post- exposure] not to decline it's use. Pneumococcal vaccine in susceptible individuals such as those who have undergone splenectomy . There are more such instances. So vaccines themselves can without a doubt be very useful. Yes they have additives etc that can be toxic but in situations such as those I have mentioned, it is indisputable that the benefits far outweigh the risks. There is valid debate however about the benefit / risk ratio in the general population with regard to current childhood immunization schedules. Early childhood susceptibility to neurological damage from vaccines is a valid concern. I feel that ultimately this should be an informed decision taken by every family after they have educated themselves to the extent possible and considered their individual circumstances. Easier said than done, given there is considerable misleading information on both sides. It takes effort to sift the wheat from the chaff. Many find the process beyond them and finally rely on their "gut feeling".
Vaccines have a certain specificity that generic immune boosting supplements don't have and so to compare them would be a case of comparing apples and oranges in a sense. However homoeopathic preparations for this purpose are intended to have specificity. Many people choose a homoeopathic approach such as that of Isaac Golden. More research and extensive study of these methods will hopefully be forthcoming over the next few years.

I have a question if i may! Im curious to know your opinion on eating foods like Corn and SOya that are Genetically modified. Im not sure exactly what the health implications / risks are, or why we might consider them somehow bad for us.. DO you think we should avoid these foods altogether or is it a bit of fear mongering?

thanks a lot!

I guess it's a bit of the science versus sense debate. The science certainly has value but to me it also has to make sense. While i understand the scientific impetus behind GM foods and I'm aware of the claims that it's all good, my intuition sets a few alarm bells ringing. And i don't take that lightly. Many people value the science over the sense. Still others go purely by gut feeling. It's important to see what science is for it's real worth and not deify it. It can be fallible and has proven to be so, just as it can be incredibly valuable. How does one know? The thalidomide disaster for example is a good reminder that not everything that science proclaims to be of value necessarily stands the test of time. So I would answer your question with a question...we know what the science tells us. What does your sense tell you? If they match up great. If they don't it's well worth waiting to see how it unfolds over time.

Hello Doc
Thanks for this Initiative.

I am a big believer in benefits of urine therapy. I nearly always add some of my first morning urine to my green smoothie (and swish teeth with urine for a few minutes once or twice a day), and if I ever do get sick, which is rare, I'll drink nearly all of my days urine, and fast from food too if sickness is bad, and urine and water enema.

I have a friend who has had high blood pressure / a feeling of palpatations, for many years. The root cause of course is stress/fear/lack of self with/belief in the individual i, due to childhood conditioning. Friend knows this theoretically, yet subconscious beliefs are still there, yet she is working on reprogramming these beliefs.

She has taken blood pressure meds for many years but is now reducing /cutting them out while taking many herbal tinctures prescribed by a holistic practitioner. I have encouraged her for several months to try urine therapy but she is insistent it should only be done having cleansed/juiced for at least a couple of weeks (and she hasn't yet managed to do for that long). She has a good diet, mostly vegan, practices yoga or qui gong frequently.
Her details:
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Occupation: Homesteader

My understanding re urine therapy, having read several books and articles, is that you can drink the urine (and ideally massage into skin also) no matter what the state of health or diet (of course the cleaner the diet the better) but she is insistent this is not the case, so refuses to try.

I'm not sure however about doing urine therapy while taking pharmaceuticals. I think it's ok, but obviously preferable not to take them.

I'm not attempting to push her to try, but a second opinion would be good. So, I wonder what are your thoughts in this subject .


Hi and thank you for your comments and the question. Over the years I have had many clients who swear by the benefits of urine therapy. However I would certainly caution against urine therapy in this situation since the re-ingestion of excreted metabolites of anti-hypertensive drugs [which could still be bio-active] may cause significant dosing issues and consequent problems. There could also be an increased potential for herb-drug interactions for the same reason.

Thanks for your reply

Great answer doctor 👍.
സ്റ്റീമിറ്റിൽ താങ്കളെപ്പോലൊരു വ്യക്തിയെ കണ്ടുമുട്ടിയതിൽ സന്തോഷം. സ്റ്റീം മലയാളം കമ്മ്യൂണിറ്റിയിലേക്ക് താങ്കളെ സ്വാഗതം ചെയ്യുന്നു!-


കുറേയധികം കാര്യങ്ങൾ എനിക്ക് താങ്കളിൽ നിന്ന് പഠിക്കാൻ കഴിയുമെന്ന് വിശ്വസിക്കുന്നു! Thanks for being here on Steem!

Thank you @sathyasankar. Although my Malayalam has gone quite rusty over the years I was able to read and understand :) I don't trust myself to reply though, but thank you for the kind words. :)

Apart from the question whether it affects the healing quality, the taste can be like champagne or unbearable based on the diet. This in combination with following the guts' feeling "Does this taste/feel like something my body needs?", i would - purely for myself, this is no advice - conclude that diet is important with this therapy.

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heres what i wrote ages ago, just remebered i wrote a damn fine post in this!

While practising the more intensive form of urine therapy follow a diet low in protein and salt. Avoid refined pre-processed and synthetic foods such as sugar, white flour, and canned foods. Herbs (also in herbal tea) might cause the urine to taste sharp and bitter making it more difficult to drink. Some urine therapists advise against drinking milk, primarily because dairy products are processed and contain unnatural additives, and because milk produces a great deal of mucus in the body. In general, it is advisable to decrease the intake of acid-producing foods and to increase the intake of alkaline-promoting foods. Reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine to an absolute minimum. Urine therapy is most beneficial if your diet contains no alcohol, tobacco products, coffee, junk foods & meat.

i think i have to agree with this.. ive drunk my own pee during times of raw food non smoking diets and during normal coffee and not so clean diets.. its hard to drink when were not hydrated and clean i must say..

Any good books to recommend on urine therapy?

Thank you @eco-alex for this wonderful opportunity.
Hello Dr. @josephmathew, thank you for giving us your valuable time.
My question is for my husband.
He has been diagnosed with Myasthenia gravis condition since 2.5 years, he has been on pills continuously since then. His regulat dose is Destinon 4 a day and Steriod Omnacartel 10 mg a day. At the beginning he was in a crises situation which eventually got in control, since then we have been following a strict autoimmune diet regime for him. In the last 6 months we started with Ayurvedic medicines and suddenly the Led content and other heavy metals level shot up. Led the maximum to 700. 2 months back he has gone back again in crises situation, almost losing his voice and difficulty in breathing and swallowing and eye lid drooping. His neck muscles has severly got impacted this time, neck keeps falling. In jan we did the immunoglobulin treatment but it was a failure, thougg the doctor told us it takes around 4 weeks time to see improvement, but in 5 weeks also his condition did not improve and it deteriorated further. Last week we were given option to do Plasmapherisis for him and we have started with it, there is improvement now. But all of these are only maintenance. Currently his Destinon dose is 6 a day and Omnacartel 60 mg, which again gives it's own side effects.
It will be helpful if you have any guidance from a holistic healing perspective, so that it is just not about maintenance but an overall improvement in his condition.

So sorry to hear this!. The approach to this problem needs to be multi-pronged especially in view of the crises. He needs to have the back-up of a well set up immunology unit [which you seem to have] as well as a good holistic team. Glad the plasmapheresis helped. In the maintenance phase once the crisis has been seen through, there is a role for non-pharmacologic methods that can help address the root cause of the auto-immune dysfunction. May I ask where you live?

We are from India, Mumbai and currently since 4.5 years settled in Muscat.
We have done Homeopathy and Ayurvedic both for him but does not seem to help much, diet has helped him quiet decently but it still brings him down time and again. This time it was the chilly climate that impacted him.

Ok. I will reply again tomorrow after taking some time to write out some suggestions.

Thank you very much Dr. @mathewjoseph, appreciate your support 🙏

I've given this some thought as to how best I can help. I feel it would be best for him to have a consult with, and receive treatment from a specialist in functional medicine if you are able to find one. It is very unfortunate that you had the bad experience with lead toxicity. Modern manufacturing guidelines for ayurvedic medicines are quite stringent and this problem is less common these days and products are labelled for safety. As a treatment strategy Ayurveda is probably best equipped to deal with this from a natural medicine perspective. However it is crucial to find an expert who has experience in managing this and ideally in a centre with allopathic medicine back-up given his current medications. If possible I would suggest you connect with Dr. L. Mahadevan at Sri Sarada Ayurveda in Derisanamcope near Nagercoil. An excellent authentic traditional Ayurveda hospital and he is a world renowned Professor. I am happy to introduce you to him if you like. In the meantime I would also suggest you study this course on auto-immune disease by Dr. Akil Palanisamy. Invaluable resources which could help you get started on a suitable diet protocol among other strategies. Hope this helps and I am happy to liase as needed. Wish you the best. https://products.theayurvedaexperience.com/pages/ayurveda-and-autoimmune-sm

First of all a big Thank you for your guidance.
That would be really wonderful to put a word to Dr. Mahadevan.
Last month we had almost prepared to travel to kerala to Poomully centre but then the hospitalization happened.
Now the Dr. Is advising us to go for Thymectomy asap, we are planning our travel to india next week depending on the reports.
About the functional medicine, yes we did consult a Dr. and Chelation treatment 5 sessions were done, post that we had to travel back.
As of now what I am seeing is we will have to proceed with the surgery and get him to stability and post that we start following the alternatives for long term maintenance.
What do you think about it.
Once again truly grateful for your kindness 🙏

Sure..feel free to stay in touch.. if you need help contacting Dr. Mahadevan it's best to email me through the website himalclinic.com

 2 years ago (edited)

First off, thank-you Dr. Joseph for being so kind and generous, offering to answer our health related questions!

My husband has had kidney stone problems and back in July 2019 had a very severe attack taking him to the edge and creating a fear of it happening again.

What is your best advise for preventing kidney stones?

My husband is 73 years old, on no medications and is generally in good health. Over a year ago he went on a Keto diet because of his concern for the extra weight he had and fear of having a fatty liver. He has had Hepatitis A which may have weakened his liver.

He has lost the weight and is happy with our diet of low carbohydrates, high fat and moderate protein. My husband includes the "Bullet Coffee"with this diet consisting of a very good coffee, ghee, MCT oil and a dash of salt and a few drops of liquid stevia.
We are facing a bit of a dilemma over the coffee with the caffeine and being a diuretic (where he wants to increase his fluid intake because of the possibility of kidney stones))
He enjoys his coffee and believe it is a good carrier for his supplements.
What is your take on this?

May I ask if the urine was analysed for sediment and the type of stones [oxalate, urate, struvite...]?
Are his uric acid levels normal? Has he had the urine cultured and tested for any infection.
Were the kidneys otherwise normal on ultrasound? no cysts?
Prevention requires an understanding of the uderlying factors pre-disposing to stone formation. Diet could be important depending on these factors. Staying hydrated is important of course. There are some other helpful natural remedies but I will wait to hear back from you.

This happened awhile back so I can only remember highlights of test results. When the attack was happening they did urine analysis (sorry I do not know what type of stone it was or the uric acid levels) and he was sent home with a strainer to watch for any pieces of kidney stone. (none were found). He was told to drink lots of fluid and try to bounce to dislodge the stone so he would not have to have surgery to remove it. They had booked him to see the specialist and prepare for surgery. There was a week waiting period to see the specialist and my husband was doing everything in his power (he researched the foods that might cause kidney stones and we eliminated those, cut down on his salt intake for he had upped it with the Keto diet, drank lots of fluids including a lemon, ginger, turmeric, apple cider vinegar tonic and used our rebounder for bouncing) to try to pass the stone on his own without surgery but this didn't happen before seeing the specialist. The specialist wanted an ultrasound done before surgery. He said there was just the one stone and it was close to the urethra duct.
With the ultrasound they found a large stone stuck in the urethra duct and it should be removed immediately for it could block the urine from passing.
It was a simpler surgery where they were able to go in through the urethra and grab the stone. There were no other stones or cysts and my husband recovered after surgery and has not had any problems since. We kept those foods that could form kidney stones out of our diet, he keeps his salt intake down, continues with his tonic drink and although the doctor had recommended taking out coffee and teas (things that were diuretic) he continues with his "bullet" coffee as he feels it plays a big part in his Keto diet.
Any other further information you have for kidney stone prevention would be appreciated!
Sorry I could not give you more detailed information from the urine analysis.

Specific advice on diet and prevention would depend on the type of stone. At some point if you are due for a review with the physician perhaps you could ask for those results to be reviewed so you have more information.

Thank-you for your advise!
We will do that and find out what type of stones my husband had!

Greetings dear @eco-alex and Dr. Mattew. Thank you for this golden opportunity.
My case is of old, but without attention, because I have distanced myself from doctors and specialized diagnostics, because I have thought that as the disease enters, so it must leave. Perhaps it is silly of me, but I have learned to be patient with any symptom of illness and it does come out. But, I have a discomfort in my urinary bladder, a certain pressure that causes the sensation of having it full, even though I have emptied it. I have had a hysterectomy (2008), and the last time I had an abdominal ultrasound (2016), I was told that the bladder had been displaced, but that was normal in cases of surgery. However, the feeling of incomplete urination sometimes bothers me... Is there anything natural I can do to improve this discomfort or should I go to the doctor, despite my reluctance?

Greetings! may I ask if you had an abdominal hysterectomy or a vaginal hysterectomy...was it total, sub-total?
I do think you should have some basic tests done first to rule out any lurking infection or other forms of cystitis as well as any bladder neck issues whether as a consequence of surgery or otherwise. Once you've had these looked into, there are some natural methods that can help with your symptoms and they include herbs, homoeopathy, pressure points and more. Will wait to hear back from you.

Thank you, Dr. Matthew! Subtotal abdominal hysterectomy, they left me an ovary. After that, I had several excellent years. However, I remember that during the operation the doctor told me that the fibroid tumour had stuck to the bladder and she managed to cut it out carefully. The discomfort I present takes some time and I have not really attended to it. I am a little afraid that it will be something of an operation again. I will heed your suggestion to rule out infection. Thank you very much, again.

You are welcome..feel free to get in touch if you need

Thank you @ eco-alex for opening this window to communicate with joseph.

Hello Dr. @ josephmathew , thank you for addressing all of our concerns.

My question is as follows. At home we all suffer from allergies, since we woke up we sneeze a lot. the doctors say it is hereditary since my mother is allergic too. i have attended everything the doctors have said without getting a total cure, please tell me how i can help my children, my mother and myself. thank you very much in advance for your answer, i will be attentive. blessings on this day and greetings from Venezuela.

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There are several natural methods that can be tried.
First the non-pharmacological methods

  1. First thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything, make it a practice to GENTLY brush the very back of the tongue with a soft tooth brush [ as far back as you can go]. This will make you retch and try to vomit. You will very likely bring up significant amounts of mucus which you should spit out. Your eyes will water just like when you vomit and your stomach will dry heave [ as it is empty]. Your tooth brush bristles will have a coating of mucus on it which you will want to wash off before you repeat each time. Do this initially just two or three times every morning and in a week you should be able to do it quite easily. If you have any stomach issues such as reflux or acidity please check with your doctor first since the retching might cause some aggravation.
  2. The ear allergy point..see pic and video link. These points should be massaged gently but firmly between the thumb and fingertip [make sure your nails are clipped, filed properly and are not sure sharp and do not injure the skin in anyway]. If you are able to use the seeds that is ideal.
  3. Begin a practice of Pranayama, most importantly the practice of alternate nostril breathing. Initially this will be difficult especially if there has been chronic nasal congestion and the development of polyps in the nose. If you persist and go slowly but steadily this practice alone could solve your problem but it would be even better to combine it with a full yoga practice that you could engage in as a family. Best to find a good yoga teacher or attend a proper course.
  4. Diet is important of course but elimination diets for allergies need to be supervised and supplemented as needed especially in children so I would suggest finding someone locally who can help you with that.
    I am not sure what is available to you in Venezuela in terms of Schuesslers salts and Homoeopathy, but those would be the next choice in therapy. A good Schuessler salt combination for hayfever is MagPhos 6x, Nat mur 6x, Silica 6x one tab 3 times a day. Homoeopathy would ideally involve a proper consult with a good homoeopathic physician. Remedies such as Dulcamara or others depending on your symptom profile can be very useful. There are other types of natural remedies too including herbs. I however always recommend trying the simple non-pharmacological self-help techniques described above first before progressing to any medication. I have had several clients respond dramatically but they did take the time and effort to do this.


actually Mathew, i do have a personal health question .. Very curious what you think on this one!!

very simply ive had this sore, lumpy , scratch throat issue for a Very long time.. Maybe in total 2 years, it went away full once a year ago.. then it came back with a vengance.. i threw everything natural at it, incliuding echinacea throat spray which i really like .. finally six months ago i took antibiotics, it helped a lot and reduced it to the sensation of a small lumpy feeling.. but it is more or less constant..

I have been to an allopathic doctor last month.. he says it note cancer, its very minor.. dont worry.. he gave me more antibiotics, (better one than i took before as i just bought any kind from a chmeist - oops).. but i didnt take them.. i have them here next to me ..

so im curious..

  • DO i have a virus that i cant fully shake off?
  • Could smoking be causing this to continue.. thats the only thing that has remained the same..
  • Should i take these antibiotics and see if it solves the problem.. or is it just viral and there is no point!

any suggestions very welcomed!

Hi Alex,some more info would be helpful
When is the sore throat worse...at night, early morning? do you wake up with it...does it persist through the day?
Is there any pain or discomfort when swallowing..if so is it worse with liquids or solids?
Do you have a cough...if so...dry or productive...if productive what is the colour of the sputum
Did the doctor examine your throat...was it swabbed for culture and sensitivity before antibiotics? Please don't take any antibiotics without having this test done. It will specify the type of bacterial infection [if indeed there is one] and will also specify what antibiotics the bacteria are sensitive to. Ignoring these basic principles of medicine is one of the reasons for the global phenomenon of anti-biotic resistance and the emergence of "superbugs".
Do you have acid reflux?
And of course this gives me an opportunity to nag you once again after so many years to give up smoking :)


Nice initiative, thumbs up

No questions for the Dr? 🤔

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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗


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Love what came of this post! I wanted to ask @mathewjoseph what he can offer on micro-dosing psychedelic mushrooms such as psilocybe cubensis to improve mood and boost the immune system through this. Thanks in advance!

Thank you!
We are at the threshold of major breakthroughs in health and well-being thanks to ongoing research on this subject. While macro-dosing has the potential for significant adverse reactions,especially hepatotoxicity, micro-dosing makes it possible to develop much safer treatment protocols. I don't have any specifics to offer as I am not personally involved in research. But there is little doubt that this will be a very important aspect of medicine in the near future.
My personal experiences with Psylocybin [macro-dose] more than three decades ago were polar opposites. The first was a Satori experience that went on for several hours that had me doing spontaneous kriyas that i had no idea knowledge of whatsoever, sitting in lotus which was an impossible posture for me. The bliss [I have no other word to describe it] was life-changing. The second time a month later was the exact opposite...a paranoid nightmare of an experience that drove me to the brink. So macro-dosing is unpredictable and as the first western writers on this subject like Leary and others mentioned, it is crucial to ensure a good setting and support.
Having said all this, there is a consistently better way to steadily and permanently create the same neurotransmitter environment in the brain...and that is through meditation. This is my core practice. I require nothing else.

Thank you for your answer! Might I ask for some hints you could give us to achieve an effective meditation practice?

After many years of exploring I finally discovered Jnana [self-enquiry] as taught by Ramana Maharishi. This is a contemplative path that focuses on the central question "Who Am I?". In the effort to find the answer to this the questioner disappears and merges with the absolute. This is the core of Advaita [non-duality]. It was also taught in a slightly different way by Nisargadatta Maharaj "I Am That". This contemplative path of self-enquiry is the direct path.

Thank you, I will contemplate this while meditating.

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