Big harvests and eating off wild trees // Grateful to Earth

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There are times we are so obsessed with the things we want to create and see happen that we completely forget to appreciate what is already available to us. Going out to forage and harvest both in Nature and the garden I remembered the days when I had wished for this and realized it was finally manifesting right before my eyes.


First I went for these "native plums". People here call them "gold fruit", because at a certain stage they have a golden color, similar to golden berries. I haven't been able to find out what the official name of the tree but it is very common here in central Chile. Just like most common wild plant edibles, it goes largely ignored, 'cause you know... better to work all day to receive cash and buy yourself a ton of processed shit that will make you sick.

Anyway, better for me as these fruits are delicious and very juicy. They quench the thirst provoked by the hot summer days and are high in sugars so you immediately feel energized. The downside is that it's not easy to preserve them at home because they rot too quickly, better to eat them fresh off the tree.


Well, these need no explanation. Everyone knows blackberries, though not everyone likes them. I can eat a lot but they do get a bit boring. Still, always grateful when I run into them as they have saved my hungry ass more times than I can count. Should do some blackberry jam but I'm a bit shy since I've never done one. Guess you have to start by something!

A quince popping out between the blackberries.

These peaches still aren't ripe but soon!

More quince though still not ripe. All these fruit trees are in a hard to access patch of land that is adjacent to the canal used for watering the corn and tomato plantations. Some of them were planted, but I think the native plums just popped out as they are very good at reproducing even in this drought-stricken land.


On the way back I passed by the garden that the owner of the house had already begun when I arrived, but is pretty much in my hands right now. Scored a nice large zucchini, tomato, watermelon, and a melon.

Huge fella! So tasty and juicy, not like the ones you buy at a supermarket.

Ran into some apples too, and that was the only ripe quince I found. The big guy is a melon from the garden.

This tiny watermelon wasn't going to grow much more so I harvested it. It was very sweet, really enjoyed it despite its size.

Didn't feel like cooking so I just chopped the zucchini into big chunks and put it in the oven for a bit with salt. A great meal for lazy days! (Sorry, I remembered to take the picture when I had eaten most of it, lol).

What a great day, this truly is the life. The body feels so good when eating organic stuff, especially if there are no grains or concentrated carbohydrates. I need to do this more often before the summer ends, this is the best time to detox and eat as natural as possible.

I also feel that this has a vibrational impact, that your energy just improves so much. Can't ever end these posts without saying how grateful I am to Earth for all she provides. I keep dreaming of the day when we become wise enough to live in balance, I know there is a point where we can fulfill our desires, ambitions and technological explorations without doing the harm we are currently doing. I will keep working for that and I hope that each day more will join the quest.


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Amazing! Nothing beats fresh fruits and veggies directly from the source :)

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There is something soooooo magical about the transformation that happens when one begins to notice and be grateful for all that is already abundant and provided.

Your post made me smile.

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Yes, nothing should be taken for granted :) Thanks for coming around!

Hahaha omg that tomato! Great post and LOVE foraging from the earth. My, Fenn, what happened to your EYES!


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Hahahahah seems you caught my red, diminished eyes. Must of been the dust, lol! Thank you :)

So very, very cool...
how blessed we are to live in such an extravagantly abundant universe...
Thank you for having your eyes open to the healthy abundance around you. It is a blessing for us to see how blessed you are!
to your abundant health,

Thank you, to your abundant health as well! Much love :)

You are so blessed my friend!

Yes, I forget at times but then it comes back :) Blessings to you!

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