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Love what came of this post! I wanted to ask @mathewjoseph what he can offer on micro-dosing psychedelic mushrooms such as psilocybe cubensis to improve mood and boost the immune system through this. Thanks in advance!


Thank you!
We are at the threshold of major breakthroughs in health and well-being thanks to ongoing research on this subject. While macro-dosing has the potential for significant adverse reactions,especially hepatotoxicity, micro-dosing makes it possible to develop much safer treatment protocols. I don't have any specifics to offer as I am not personally involved in research. But there is little doubt that this will be a very important aspect of medicine in the near future.
My personal experiences with Psylocybin [macro-dose] more than three decades ago were polar opposites. The first was a Satori experience that went on for several hours that had me doing spontaneous kriyas that i had no idea knowledge of whatsoever, sitting in lotus which was an impossible posture for me. The bliss [I have no other word to describe it] was life-changing. The second time a month later was the exact opposite...a paranoid nightmare of an experience that drove me to the brink. So macro-dosing is unpredictable and as the first western writers on this subject like Leary and others mentioned, it is crucial to ensure a good setting and support.
Having said all this, there is a consistently better way to steadily and permanently create the same neurotransmitter environment in the brain...and that is through meditation. This is my core practice. I require nothing else.

Thank you for your answer! Might I ask for some hints you could give us to achieve an effective meditation practice?

After many years of exploring I finally discovered Jnana [self-enquiry] as taught by Ramana Maharishi. This is a contemplative path that focuses on the central question "Who Am I?". In the effort to find the answer to this the questioner disappears and merges with the absolute. This is the core of Advaita [non-duality]. It was also taught in a slightly different way by Nisargadatta Maharaj "I Am That". This contemplative path of self-enquiry is the direct path.

Thank you, I will contemplate this while meditating.

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