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RE: 🕊 ecoTrain & NaturalMedicine Presents..."What Would A Holistic Doctor Say?" Ask Dr Mathew Joseph any medical or health related question and learn how Natural Medicine works in practice!

Thank you @eco-alex for this wonderful opportunity.
Hello Dr. @josephmathew, thank you for giving us your valuable time.
My question is for my husband.
He has been diagnosed with Myasthenia gravis condition since 2.5 years, he has been on pills continuously since then. His regulat dose is Destinon 4 a day and Steriod Omnacartel 10 mg a day. At the beginning he was in a crises situation which eventually got in control, since then we have been following a strict autoimmune diet regime for him. In the last 6 months we started with Ayurvedic medicines and suddenly the Led content and other heavy metals level shot up. Led the maximum to 700. 2 months back he has gone back again in crises situation, almost losing his voice and difficulty in breathing and swallowing and eye lid drooping. His neck muscles has severly got impacted this time, neck keeps falling. In jan we did the immunoglobulin treatment but it was a failure, thougg the doctor told us it takes around 4 weeks time to see improvement, but in 5 weeks also his condition did not improve and it deteriorated further. Last week we were given option to do Plasmapherisis for him and we have started with it, there is improvement now. But all of these are only maintenance. Currently his Destinon dose is 6 a day and Omnacartel 60 mg, which again gives it's own side effects.
It will be helpful if you have any guidance from a holistic healing perspective, so that it is just not about maintenance but an overall improvement in his condition.


So sorry to hear this!. The approach to this problem needs to be multi-pronged especially in view of the crises. He needs to have the back-up of a well set up immunology unit [which you seem to have] as well as a good holistic team. Glad the plasmapheresis helped. In the maintenance phase once the crisis has been seen through, there is a role for non-pharmacologic methods that can help address the root cause of the auto-immune dysfunction. May I ask where you live?

We are from India, Mumbai and currently since 4.5 years settled in Muscat.
We have done Homeopathy and Ayurvedic both for him but does not seem to help much, diet has helped him quiet decently but it still brings him down time and again. This time it was the chilly climate that impacted him.

Ok. I will reply again tomorrow after taking some time to write out some suggestions.

Thank you very much Dr. @mathewjoseph, appreciate your support 🙏

I've given this some thought as to how best I can help. I feel it would be best for him to have a consult with, and receive treatment from a specialist in functional medicine if you are able to find one. It is very unfortunate that you had the bad experience with lead toxicity. Modern manufacturing guidelines for ayurvedic medicines are quite stringent and this problem is less common these days and products are labelled for safety. As a treatment strategy Ayurveda is probably best equipped to deal with this from a natural medicine perspective. However it is crucial to find an expert who has experience in managing this and ideally in a centre with allopathic medicine back-up given his current medications. If possible I would suggest you connect with Dr. L. Mahadevan at Sri Sarada Ayurveda in Derisanamcope near Nagercoil. An excellent authentic traditional Ayurveda hospital and he is a world renowned Professor. I am happy to introduce you to him if you like. In the meantime I would also suggest you study this course on auto-immune disease by Dr. Akil Palanisamy. Invaluable resources which could help you get started on a suitable diet protocol among other strategies. Hope this helps and I am happy to liase as needed. Wish you the best.

First of all a big Thank you for your guidance.
That would be really wonderful to put a word to Dr. Mahadevan.
Last month we had almost prepared to travel to kerala to Poomully centre but then the hospitalization happened.
Now the Dr. Is advising us to go for Thymectomy asap, we are planning our travel to india next week depending on the reports.
About the functional medicine, yes we did consult a Dr. and Chelation treatment 5 sessions were done, post that we had to travel back.
As of now what I am seeing is we will have to proceed with the surgery and get him to stability and post that we start following the alternatives for long term maintenance.
What do you think about it.
Once again truly grateful for your kindness 🙏

Sure..feel free to stay in touch.. if you need help contacting Dr. Mahadevan it's best to email me through the website

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