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RE: A Few Days Left to Share Your Natural Health Goals! (Due Thursday 9th)

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Hi @naturalmedicine (@riverflows)

I really want to make a post in this awesome competition tomorrow (or Tuesday), but I don't have 100 lotus to burn. According to steemengine, I have 30.2 lotus liquid and the rest are powered up... I've got about 102 powered up though.

What's my best option? I'm guessing that it takes a few weeks to power down lotus?


We'll burn it for you @raj808. Burn the 30, and we'll burn 70, and you can burn at a later date. If you go to, there's a slider where you can choose any amount to power down, so you can powerdown that 70 and send it to @null later. xx

Thanks @riverflows

I'm gonna write that post tomorrow as I've got mad brain fog today, feel completely befuddled.

Finally got it written and I'm quite happy with the post and to have got an entry in to this awesome comp :)