This feels like digital detoxification phase II for you. God speed Vincent.
Enjoy peace and mindfulness.

This was only phase 1. Phase 2 will start the day after tomorrow. I'm already liking its effect, it makes me return full power.

Let's catch up soon, my friend :>)

Glad to have helped in the taking of this course of action. I can relate to what you say on checking charts and overall trying desperately to find financial comfort. But I am convinced that a step back usually ends in two steps forward and all that you would like to have will come in time if you focus primary on your well being. Hope to read from you again soon!

Very true. One step back, two steps forward.
You will read from me again soon and I'll probably take a step back ( another internet fasting day ) again the day after tomorrow.

It will make my online time so much more powerful.

Muchas gracias otra vez!

It's always very positive to take time from the internet! I often take some time-offs and I find myself being more creative and less anxious.
Internet, and especially social media, can and should be used for good positive things, but taking time away to reconnect with ourselves it's the best "social media" ever!


It sure is. Good for you that you're able to do so. I really need to either force it or have a reason ( like visitors ), otherwise my will power isn't strong enough.

taking time away to reconnect with ourselves it's the best "social media" ever!

I will put this quote on my wall, next to my desk ;>)

perfect synchronicity - as so often with you Vince! I feel the same, #internet-fasting needs to come for me as well, life on the road will make constant access to the internet much harder which will be some kind of amazing plus for my life <3

Life on the road and offline time definitely sounds like a bonus. Enjoy it when you can. I'm already looking forward to my next day offline. It makes my time on here so much more productive.

Much love!

If someone took over the running of Natural Medicine for me for a couple of days, I'd love some time offline! Don't disappear entirely, or my online experience won't be as good. I will miss you too much. Your posts always make me feel better, even when I'm done. @riverflows

If you like what we do, consider delegation or following our curation trail on Steemauto. All are welcome to join us on Discord.

I totally get it / feel you and always appreciate your kind words. You truly are a source of love and I try to be the same, in turn.

And no worries, I will never disappear and I'm back already, full power, with a day ( or two ) of offline time every now and then


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