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RE: 🕊 ecoTrain & NaturalMedicine Presents..."What Would A Holistic Doctor Say?" Ask Dr Mathew Joseph any medical or health related question and learn how Natural Medicine works in practice!

Greetings dear @eco-alex and Dr. Mattew. Thank you for this golden opportunity.
My case is of old, but without attention, because I have distanced myself from doctors and specialized diagnostics, because I have thought that as the disease enters, so it must leave. Perhaps it is silly of me, but I have learned to be patient with any symptom of illness and it does come out. But, I have a discomfort in my urinary bladder, a certain pressure that causes the sensation of having it full, even though I have emptied it. I have had a hysterectomy (2008), and the last time I had an abdominal ultrasound (2016), I was told that the bladder had been displaced, but that was normal in cases of surgery. However, the feeling of incomplete urination sometimes bothers me... Is there anything natural I can do to improve this discomfort or should I go to the doctor, despite my reluctance?


Greetings! may I ask if you had an abdominal hysterectomy or a vaginal hysterectomy...was it total, sub-total?
I do think you should have some basic tests done first to rule out any lurking infection or other forms of cystitis as well as any bladder neck issues whether as a consequence of surgery or otherwise. Once you've had these looked into, there are some natural methods that can help with your symptoms and they include herbs, homoeopathy, pressure points and more. Will wait to hear back from you.

Thank you, Dr. Matthew! Subtotal abdominal hysterectomy, they left me an ovary. After that, I had several excellent years. However, I remember that during the operation the doctor told me that the fibroid tumour had stuck to the bladder and she managed to cut it out carefully. The discomfort I present takes some time and I have not really attended to it. I am a little afraid that it will be something of an operation again. I will heed your suggestion to rule out infection. Thank you very much, again.

You are welcome..feel free to get in touch if you need

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