KNITRIAS PROJECT: Week 06 (Graduation)

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A new week and more achievements to celebrate in the Knitrias Project, as many areas on the work by the Members have improved. It has been also a great week on the platform as many projects are launching tools and new platforms, improvements on and its Quick Convert tool, thanks to @FutureShock and @RoadofRich. Steem Auto has been reinstalled thanks to the work by @Steem-Supporter. @DLive, the streaming platform is returning to Steem.

But we have motives to celebrate also, as one of our Members has reached the Minnow Level, we are going to talk more about this later, the Steemit Team through @SteemCurator01, has promoted the Knitrias Project Community to the second level in the PoD Project, and now @Knitrias count with a delegation of 2000 SP. We have a new Member on our group, maybe some have notice the arrival of @Muftii. Welcome to the Knitrias Project.

The first Graduate Member

The Project is really happy with the great achievement by @AdelJose, who is now a Minnow in the Steem Ecosystem, with +500 SP, this week our dear Member become thanks to his great effort into a Graduate from the Knitrias Project. Congratulations @AdelJose!!

What happens next. As our group has not reached the 10 Members and discussion about the next steps on the Roadmap has not been launched this is a good moment to make a proposal to all the Members. @AdelJose will keep his delegation and up-votes until the group reaches 10 Members. From that point the delegation will pass to a new Member.

As a Graduate Member, @AdelJose, and any other Member who reach the minnow level, will have the choice to remain in the group, participating in the challenges and receiving up-votes, but now the Graduate Member will be delegating 50 SP to the Project. Some other functions on the Project could be determined for the Graduate Members, as Administrators, Moderators, Trainers, Account Creators and others that could be discussed.

@AdelJose and the other Members are invited to express opinions on these proposals.

Official Curation Trail

As said on the introduction, the Witness @Steem-Supporter has re-launched the app SteemAuto, that can be found in this site:

As all the Members have the commitment to up-vote on Fellow Members posts, and the group is producing around 3-5 posts/day it will be mandatory to subscribe to the trail at 100% of the voting power. Next you will get the instructions to subscribe.

Go to the page, you will get this options, click on Login/Register:

Next, you will be asked for your username and your posting key to log in, click on Continue and set this information on the dialogue that comes next:

Once you set username and posting key. click Login to acces SteemAuto, you will be able to see this requirement in order to authorize the application to do transactions on your behalf, click on **SteemLogin:

Click Continue and set your username and active key, once you set them click Authorize:

You are now in full control of the App. @Knitrias has set her Curation Trail:

And @Knitrias has also set her Fanbase to follow and up-vote all the posts by its Members.

Now we will see how to join to the Knitrias Project Curation Trail. First, in your Dashboard go to the tab Curation Trail, there you will search for knitrias:

Now you can Follow the trail:

Then, in the Settings button , on the Curation Trail Tab you can adjust your voting activity on the @Knitrias trail, you can choose this same set, as these up-votes goes only to the posts by the Members, click on Save Settings, when finish:

This will be very important to support the commitment on the up-voting strategy of the Project. The process to set up-votes for comments trailing @Knitrias will be explained on the next report.

Weekly Information

The Members of the Project

We welcome our new Member @Muftii. We have two remaining slots for new Members for our group.









Contributions of the week

The last week the Members produced 27 posts, 7 corresponding to the weekly challenges of the Knitrias Project:

Special Challenge: Interview with @Xpilar: This first stage of the challenge will extend one more week in order to more Members to participate. No prizes will be delivered this week. 15 SP are for all participants and 15 SP to the winner when she/he publish the complete Interview. Every one is strongly encouraged to take the challenge. These are the participations so far.

Special Challenge: Interview with @Xpilar by @MyFreeLive

Interview with Xpilar | Special Challenge by @Jacorv

Branches of Longevity
Attacking Sensations. Longevity Statute. / Atacando Sensaciones. Estatuto de Longevidad by @AdelJose
Longevity Habits for Good Digestion and Good Health | Knitrias Project Week 05 by @KaySmile44
The Artist | Knitrias Project Week 05 by @Jacorv

Open Source
Open Source Challenge Week 05 / My first experiences with SteemWorld by @Rashia
Learning about SteemWorld by @AdelJose
Open Source. Theme: Review SteemWorld by @MyFreeLive

20 SP are distributed between 6 contributions:

@AdelJose: 2 contributions = 6.7 SP
@Jacorv: 1 contribution = 3.33 SP
@Rashia: 1 contribution = 3.33 SP
@MyFreeLive: 1 contribution = 3.33 SP
@KaySmile44: 1 contribution = 3.33 SP

@Knitrias has sent the rewards as Steem Power for these authors:

Challenges for the week

This week each challenge will have a secured pool of 10 SP that will be divided equally between the participants of each challenge. Each Member can participate with one post on each challenge.

Branches of Longevity (10 SP)

Short stories, developments and re-elaborations of literature, art, design, music, documentary research, kitchen recipes or others, on the characters and themes of The Longevity Statute, the world from which the character of Dr. Knitrias Maryana surges.

Chapters of The Longevity Statute

The longevity Statute (Part I)
The longevity Statute (Part II)
The longevity Statute (Part III)
The longevity Statute (Part IV)

Open Source (10 SP)


This week the Members are invited to visit the streaming platform and create a post with the impressions on the operation, users, economy and any other subject related with the platmorm. @Dlive is returning to Steem from a long ausence, so it deserves to be revisited to take advantage from this partnership.

Questions, suggestions and information sharing can be made in the comments section of this post.

All the Members are invited to post their Open Source challenge content in the Project Hope Community directed by @Crypto.Piotr

The Members are strongly invited to participate in the Discussion initiative by @Cmp2020. @Knitrias is sponsoring this initiative on behalf of the Members of the Knitrias Project.

[Discussion Post] Do aliens exist, and have they visited Earth?


Steem Power information

Members with 0% in red have not made Power Up since the beginning of the activities, they are urged to Power Up some amount in the next weeks.

Upvote and post count information

Voting count


Post Count: 250 posts|343 comments|380 replies Voting Count: (1.34 % self, 47 upvotes, 25 accounts, 7d)
Last Post: The Artist | Knitrias Project Week 05
Post Count: 303 posts|241 comments|588 replies Voting Count: (3.17 % self, 63 upvotes, 29 accounts, 7d)
Last Post: Beautiful flowers are not easy to choose
Post Count: 19 posts|179 comments|187 replies Voting Count: (0.00 % self, 56 upvotes, 15 accounts, 7d)
Last Post: The reason why I won't be posting till Sunday
Post Count: 93 posts|194 comments|352 replies Voting Count: (0.00 % self, 9 upvotes, 9 accounts, 7d)
Last Post: Colección de carros en el Parque Temático "La Venezuela de antier", Estado Mérida. Primera parte.
Post Count: 41 posts|190 comments|184 replies Voting Count: (1.41 % self, 71 upvotes, 19 accounts, 7d)
Last Post: Branches of Longevity of Dr. Knitrias Maryana
Post Count: 337 posts|1,485 comments|1,357 replies Voting Count: (0.00 % self, 110 upvotes, 59 accounts, 7d)
Last Post: My Weekly Selection, 9th Week. Community World Of Pilar
Post Count: 23 posts|69 comments|95 replies Voting Count: (4.22 % self, 40 upvotes, 36 accounts, 7d)
Last Post: Longevity Habits for Good Digestion and Good Health | Knitrias Project Week 05
Post Count: 114 posts|1,504 comments|900 replies Voting Count: (6.73 % self, 104 upvotes, 69 accounts, 7d)
Last Post: If I could start from the beginning, I would become a Lecturer by @muftii


The Knitrias Project is much grateful with the following users, communities and projects:

Delegators: @Xpilar, @MBallesteros
Support: @SteemChiller, @SteemCurator01, @R2Cornell, @SteemingCurators
Friends of the project: @Bullionstackers, @Club12, @RadaQuest, @Marcosdk, @Whatsup, @Ciska, @CryptoKannon, @Jayplayco, @Roleerob, @Mllg, @Oppongk

Daily challenges and up to date information on the activities on

Follow @SteemitBlog

Resources and Support for Newcomers

Follow @SteemingCurators


World of Xpilar
Project Hope
Team México

Tools and information

Visit SteemWorld



Hola saludos a toda la comunidad de @knitriasproject primero que nada queria agradecer por incluirme dentro del proyecto y hacerme la delegación de 200SP, de verdad que no pense que fuese tan rapido, de hecho ni lo note, sino es por el mensaje que me deja @knitrias.

Por otro lado felicitaciones a @Adeljose por ser erse primer logro de este proyecto, siempre es emocionante ser el primero, por lo que he leido este proyecto tiene mucho futuro y espero ser parte de él.

Un abrazo para todos!!

Hola @angelik-a

Bienvenida a este hermoso proyecto.

Muchas gracias por su comentario.


Hola @Adeljose gracias por al bienvenida!!


Sigue la bienvenida al proyecto y a todo el camino que viene!
Mucha alegría para la jornada!!


This is amazing. The project has grown muh more than I had expected and it is great!

I will try to follow the curation trail, if I have difficulties I will mention you @knitrias.

I will try to participate in all the challenges (this week there are no celebrations lol)

And welcome to the project @Muftii 😁👍

hi @rashia
thank you for the welcome, hug me tight

I hug you too!!! 🤗🤗🤗

Thank you very much for your presence and great projects! I'm looking forward to your beautiful posts. Any difficulty with the trail you know I'm glad to assist!

We have been through great moments, I'm happy that you enjoy!!

Best wishes for the projects!!

Thank you very much, @rashia friend. I look forward to your graduation soon.

Teehee, thanks, I'll do my best!

🎉 Uncover the bottle, let's celebrate! Congratulations to our great colleague @adeljose for this achievement. Which I hope is just one of the many successes that will be on the way thanks to his great work and effort on the platform.

I agree with the idea of ​​Administrator, Moderators and Trainer for the Graduate Member, and I propose that the Graduate Member recruit a person to include them in the Project, what do you think of the idea?

I wish everyone an excellent start to the week

Certainly @AdelJose deserves a great celebration for the great work he is doing all over the platform!! Let’s share that bottle!!

Sounds great, a Graduate Member will define the user she/he will be giving the place in the group. I think the process needs to begin at 400 SP. If every one is agreed I'll set the notifications.

Thanks for your presence and great posts and interactions within the group, @Jacorv!!

Best wishes for the projects!!

Thanks a lot, buddy.

I share your idea

thank you @knitrias.
Please guide me to carry out this project step by step, good luck going forward.
my friend @adeljose
don't forget to also guide me.
thank you

Here in this post there are instructions step by step on how to carry on with one task, to join the curation trail. Try to follow the tutorial, you will also find information on your keys and how to manage them here in this link: KNITRIAS PROJECT: Week 03 (Community).

Welcome to the Knitrias Project, @Muftii, any question I'm glad to assist!

Best wishes for all your projects!!

my friend @knitrias, please enlighten me for the link below,
it seems I qualify, but I don't know what the next clue is from the link, hopefully you can give me a hint, thank you

Now you were answered there in the post. You need to wait and meanwhile promote with friends to make their vote there in the Wherein post where they share your post in the comments. I will publish your participation on the next Monday's Report!!

oh like that huh,
Thank you my friend


Hello everyone, nice to see you all together here.
I went to bed and didn't see this post.
Congratulations to our @adeljose.
He is cool and has already done a lot for our project.
We have achieved great results. I am delighted with our project.
It is pleasant to read about the success of my comrades.
I wrote the post "Branches of Longevity" yesterday, but it was not included in today's weekly post.
Will my post be included in the next reporting post "Week07"?

Hello, dear @MyFreeLive!! Our dear @AdelJose has been doing great work in our community and in the platform, we cheer his achievements!! :)

Thanks for being a spark in all the inspiration for your fellow Members and the Project, I know you will graduate also really soon!!

Yes, dear Valeri, your post will be showcased and will count on the next Report for its share on the pool. @Leveuf makes the cut at ~11:59:59 p.m. (México city time) on Sundays, then start the process for the Report. Any doubt or help with the curation trail or other transaction, you know I'm glad to assist!!

Thanks for your great spirit, I wish the best winds for your life and projects!!

Congratulations to @adeljose. Keep the good work going. I love your motivation. A hug for you.

Hello @KaySmile44!! Thanks for your visit and well wishes for @AdelJose, we are from one celebration to another every week!! :)

I hope you are fully recovered and ready to continue sharing your great work!

Please review the tutorial and information in this post, there are important processes you need to follow, any doubt I'm glad to assist!

Best wishes for projects and life, @KaySmile44!!

Congratulations and post graduate success for @adeljose

Thank you very much, @F21Steem!! I'm looking forward for the graduation of more Members like you who will give beautiful life to this platform!!

I send you the best winds for every project, family and home!!
The Good and the Best for you!!

Hello, @Knitrias.

I am grateful for the contribution that #Knitrias-project has given to my growth during this time.

I can sincerely say that this project has an excellent strategy of support and participation.

I have signed up to continue supporting #Knitrias-project, and I will participate as time and internet service allows.

On the other hand, I would like you to invite your friend @jadnven to become a member as I have been.

to finish, i would also like to thank the other colleagues who make up the knitrias-project team, especially @Knitrias and @leveuf for their constant comments and support, advising them to keep working hard to achieve strong growth on this excellent platform

Thank you very much for your words and encouragement, you deserve much more celebration and satisfactions for the great work you are doing in the platform and your help for other users. Thank you very much for being fundamental part of this Project!

Let's put @Jadnven in the list, and he will receive the membership and delegation when we reach two more Members, your slot will pass to him. This could probably happen on the next week.

I wish all the best for your great projects and will be an honor to continue counting with your presence as a Graduate Member on our group!!

Cheers, @AdelJose!!

Grateful for the consideration, friends, it's a pleasure to be a part of this.

Thanks for your visit and attention, @Jadnven!! We are about to reach 10 Members, will be the moment for @AdelJose to leave delegation to you as new Member! If you like to see some reports for the activities or the first posts for the Mission and Vision of the project would be helpful.

Best wishes for all the projects!!

Hello, @Jadnven!! In order to set the delegation and follow your posts with up-votes by the @Knitrias account. Could you express your agreement on the terms of participation with a comment on our last report: (Knitrias Project: Week 07)? You can add a very brief summary on your time of participation on Steem, country of origin, languages in which you publish and interests. If you publish before Monday I can announce your participation on the next report.

Thanks for your interest in the Project and hope to see you soon!

Felicitaciones @adeljose, ya eres un pececito importante.
¡¡¡Eres un minnow. !!!!
¡Continúa con el mismo entusiasmo!

Keep moving - keep going -keep growing!

You do an awesome job and these posts are super super detailed! Amazing!

Thank you for being awesome! You just got upvoted by the @steemingcurators. We are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator02 account to support the best content on Steemit!

Want to participate in contests and challenges to earn more?
Follow @steemingcurators and also the official @steemitblog for info about Steemit and the Daily Diary Challenge!

We hope you like live music too because STEEMIT OPEN MIC IS BACK!

Thank you very Much, dear Friends!! Your presence in this great adventure has been fundamental and encouraging, and surely you are part of all these achievements!! Thank you very much for your support!!

Many hugs and best wishes for your beautiful project and important assignments!!

Only the Good and the Best!!

You are welcome and thank you for your nice words and encouragement!

Much Love and Joy for YOU!! 🤗💃

Your post is manually rewarded by the
World of Xpilar Community Curation

Thank you very Much for your constant support and confidence on this Project. The inspiration and creativity by @Xpilar and his efforts on Steem have made this achievements possible. Thank you very Much!

Best winds for all the projects!!

You are doing excellent work with the Knitrias Project.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Certainly all these great achievements and creativity and joy, have been fostered by your great encouragement, promotion and support. Thank you very much for giving life to many projects working through positive initiatives on the platform. We are grateful for your great presence on the Knitrias Project.

Only the best winds for every one on the Steemit Team!!

Great promotion of Steel and Steemians. I think this graduation will help increase the SP of these individual Steemians. Thanks for showing this great love for the Steem Community. I really, really appreciate the effort you are engineering here. I'll also continue to give my support with this project #knitrias-projects. Thanks for this POD.

Thank you very much for being an awesome friend of the Knitrias Project, dear @Oppongk, your encouragement and support are important!!

I wish you all the best in your efforts to bring calm, peace and joy to as many authors as you reach!! Your presence is bright on Steem!!

Good winds for projects and life!!

Muchas felicitaciones @adeljose que bonito este proyecto y me sorprendió lo de las graduaciones no sabia que hacían eso, es muy interesante

Muchas gracias por visitarnos, @Rosanita, y por ese gran aliento para @AdelJose! El proyecto tiene por objetivo principal ayudar a sus Miembros a alcanzar el nivel minnow, tras lo cual un nuevo Miembro se integra al grupo. Como Miembro Graduado @AdelJose nos seguirá acompañando en esta aventura en el Proyecto Knitrias.

Abrazo grande y lo mejor para vida y proyectos!!

Congratulations @theguruasia, you successfuly trended the post shared by @knitrias!
@knitrias will receive 17.66810475 TRDO & @theguruasia will get 11.77873650 TRDO curation in 3 Days from Post Created Date!

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

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Join TRDO Discord Channel or Join TRDO Web Site

Thank you very much for your visit and support, @TheGuruAsia!!
I send you my best wishes for all your great projects, TRDO is an awesome contribution to the Steem platform!!

Best winds!!

Querido @knitrias.
Llegué tarde para dejarte mi voto,
pero te dejo mis parabienes por ese primer graduado
que sale de tu centro de formación.
Aplausos de pie, por la labor realizada y
la que sigue en curso.
Te sigo siguiendo.

Muchas Gracias por tu compañía y atención @Mllg!! Andamos todos corriendo con estos ajustes en torno a la reciente crisis. Yo también ando apurado con todo eso y a la vez no muy contento. Esperemos que haya tiempo para reflexionar después!!

Te abrazo mucho y por aquí o por allá nos seguimos encontrando!!

Lo expresaste maravillosamente bien, @knitrias. Veremos como evolucionan las cosas y correremos con el ritmo necesario.
Un abrazo cargado de luz



Congratulations @knitrias, your post successfully recieved 17.66810475 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

@theguruasia earned : 11.7787365 TRDO curation

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This result is wonderful!
Congratulations @AdelJose for your goal achieved, now begins a new stage. Just love and blessings for the entire team. Go ahead with this great project.

Even with a delay on time not for that less grateful for your visit and comment dear @Mariita52!! Indeed, @AdelJose bright with own light in this ecosystem and surely will thrive!!

I send big hug and best wishes for life and projects!!

Thank you!
Blessings and lots of love to continue helping others.


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