KNITRIAS PROJECT: Week 09 (Evaluation)

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We completed the second month of activities on the Knitrias Project and as we announced on the last week, this is time to evaluate the progress, the administration and the activities in accordance to the Roadmap. Last week all Members were invited to express their points of view and suggestions about the future steps for the project. We receive several contributions by the Members which we will be discussing in a moment.

First, here is presented the statistical information on the @Knitrias account:




Curation trail


Graduate Member: @AdelJose
His presence in the project remains the same until 10 Members are reached, after that the Graduate Member decides if he continues on the working group by delegating 50 SP, participating on the activities and joining the Curation trail of the Project.

Members: @Jacorv, @F21Steem, @Rashia, @KyleSmile44, @Muftii, @Jadnven

New Member: @Angelik-a

Suspension: @Futven12
The delegation and upvotes were suspended last week due to the following:
- Information by the user about obligations on a new work, complicating the participation.
- The account voting activity on the last month.
- No interaction with the creative activities of the project.
- No response to information on the reports or direct comments.

Any clarification will be attended in the comment section of this post. Any appeal process will require the participation of all the Members.

Former Members: @Racarjoal, @NataliMarisa1989, @MyFreeLive


Each week the Knitrias Project presents a report with three parts, the first containing news on the week and important information for the operation of the accounts and the participation in the progress of the project. The second part is related to the weekly challenges and the contributions by the Members, and the third part is the statistics for every Member, including:

  • Steem Power and Power Up balances.
  • Voting count.
  • Number of posts and comments.
  • Last post.


  • Weekly incentive pool for content creation.
  • Participation on the PoD Project by the Steemit Team coordinated by @SteemCurator01 and @SteemitBlog. (3000 SP Delegation)
  • 1 Graduate Member.
  • Growth of all the Members' accounts.
  • Basic knowledge of the platform and various tools.
  • Presence of the Members and the project in the platform.
  • Support and information between Members.
  • Support for individual projects (@AdelJose).
  • Curation and comment on each post by @Leveuf or @Knitrias.
  • Additional support by Tipu curation on posts.
  • Support by other curators and communities for the Members' posts.
  • 1 Special challenge: Interview with @Xpilar

In progress

These are in general terms some points to continue working. Each Member will be encouraged to work depending on the issues relative to the personal participation.

  • The complete working group of ten Members.
  • Participation on the comment section of the weekly reports with doubts, information and suggestions.
  • More comments on the fellow Members posts.
  • Improve quality of posts.
  • Improve value of comments.
  • Participation on the discussion initiatives on the platform.
  • More posts published on the Knitrias Project Community.

Discussion by the Members

During the week, these Members expressed opinions and suggestions for the future of the Project:

@JadnVen | Cuestionario Knitrias, un Proyecto para Crecer.

  • Makes a summary of the main goals of the project.
  • Recognizes the opportunity to express opinions and suggestions contributing to the project.
  • Suggests more participation by the Members and more posts by the project account thus increasing the Steem Power.
  • Suggests changing every time the creative activities according to the Members preferences and strengths.
  • Suggests one special post to showcase the participants of the weekly challenges with beneficiaries on the rewards for those authors,
  • Incentives for Members accomplishing the Power Up strategy.

@Rashia | Open Source Challenge: Knitrias-Project Review (Roadmap)

  • monthly discussion post, containing topics suggested by the members, that have been posted in the comments of the weekly discussions.
  • discord channel for the knitrias project members
  • Guideline post for new members, containing the information that has been provided in the weekly reports as well as the best and most simple posts on the tools (OpenSource challenges)

@Jacorv | Review & Roadmap | Knitrias Project Week 08

  • Brief story of the encounter with the project.
  • Connection and affinities with the subjects and activities proposed by the project.
  • Comments on automation and real interaction.
  • Suggests improving interaction between fellow Members and other users.
  • Makes a summary on the tools reviewed.
  • Possibilities on the Universe of the Longevity Statute.
  • Describes the goal of the project.
  • Suggests a Talk channel
  • Crossover between communities and special projects.
  • Suggests a review of previous subjects of the Open Source challenge for new Members.

@Muftii | KNITRIAS PROJECT: Week 08 "Open Source Theme: Roadmap"

  • Acknowledgement of the project and administration in the form of an inspirational poem.
  • Defines the goals of the project as knowledge sharing, creating human relations and investing in the future.
  • Describes personal achievements.
  • Refers the growing number of the user base of the Community feature of the project and the support of the PoD Project.
  • Suggests connecting with possible supporters.
  • Suggests encouragement and help for self-improvement.
  • Suggests improving communication between fellow Members.

@LeVeuf will be discussing all these topics on the comment section of this Evaluation Report.

Weekly information

The Members of the Project

Previously it has been announced the situation with @Futven12. We are announcing a new Member on the group, please welcome @Angelik-a. @AdelJose keeps his place until we reach 10 members for which @Knitrias is campaigning for candidates.









Contributions of the week

The last week the Members produced 39 posts, 9 corresponding to the weekly challenges of the Knitrias Project:

Branches of Longevity

Then "Opinions on the Longevity Statute" by @Muftii

Expedientes. Códigos de Longevidad. by @Jadnven

Branches of Longevity Challenge: Sophie Guerra by @Rashia

Kortis letter | Knitrias Project Week 08 by @Jacorv

The Longevity Statute [Eng-Span] El Estatuto de la Longevidad by @angelik-a

Open Source

Cuestionario Knitrias, un Proyecto para Crecer. by @Jadnven

Open Source Challenge: Knitrias-Project Review (Roadmap) by @Rashia

Review & Roadmap | Knitrias Project Week 08 by @Jacorv

KNITRIAS PROJECT: Week 08 "Open Source Theme: Roadmap" by @Muftii

This week the pool was distributed in this way:
20 SP between 9 contributions = 2.22 SP x Contribution

@Jacorv: 2 contributions: 4.45 SP
@Rashia: 2 contributions = 4.45 SP
@Muftii: 2 contribution = 4.45 SP
@Jadnven: 2 contribution = 4.45 SP
@Angelik-a: 1 contribution = 2.23 SP

Steem Power transfers have been made to these authors:

Challenges for the week

This week we introduce a new activity on the Knitrias Project

Members' Initiatives

This activity, inspired on the challenges by @AdelJose, will consist in the creation by each Member of a personal challenge or contest for any user of the platform to participate. This initiative will be supported by 15 Steem for each one of the Members' initiatives to distribute between participants according to a predefined criteria by the challenger (equal distribution, first places, one winner, etc).

First stage

  • During this week each Member will publish a brief description of the initiative proposal in the comment section of this report. Containing Subject, Format or Medium for creation, and reward distribution.
  • It's important to just comment your proposal in this report and DO NOT POST ON THE PERSONAL BLOG until is time for launching your initiative.
  • The proposals will be supported week by week according to the order of publication during this week for the proposals.
  • A reward pool of 20 Steem Power will be distributed equally between all participants during this proposal application week.
  • Proposals' subjects, methods and rules are free creations by the proponents.

Second stage

  • This stage remains until all proposals are accomplished according to the order of participation with possible adjustments under consensus.
  • After the proposal week the challenges are launched with a Post on the Member's blog with specifications on time, subjects and rules.
  • The Member in charge promote, curate, determine the winners and reward distribution and report the results.
  • Members are free to add on the reward pool for the initiative by own funds or other contributions.
  • Memebers of the Knitrias Project help in the promotion, participation and encouragement on each initiative.
  • The Member in charge receives 5 SP at the end of her/his project.
  • When all proponents have finished the initiatives a new week for proposals and initiative cycle starts.

Challenges for the week

This week each challenge will have a secured pool of 10 SP that will be divided equally between the participants of each challenge. Each Member can participate with one post on each challenge.

Branches of Longevity (10 SP)

Short stories, free-style developments and re-elaborations of literature, art, design, photography, music, documentary research, kitchen recipes or others, based on the characters and themes of The Longevity Statute, the world from which the character of Dr. Knitrias Maryana surges. All new possible situations, characters and areas of knowledge related are welcome.

Chapters of The Longevity Statute

The longevity Statute (Part I)
The longevity Statute (Part II)
The longevity Statute (Part III)
The longevity Statute (Part IV)

Open Source (10 SP)

Theme: Review

This week we are not adding a new subject to invite all the Members to work on the review of previous subjects on the Open Source challenge. The works could be approaches on new tools not reviewed or further developments on some reviewed ones.

The content has to do with the personal experience and doesn't require technical language but the own expression of the encounter with the information or the use of the tool.

The subjects so far are: Markdown,, Steem Whitepaper, Steem Witnesses,, Steem Auto and Knitrias Project Roadmap.

All Members are invited to visit the showcased materials on each report.

Questions, suggestions and information sharing can be made in the comments section of this post.

The Members are strongly invited to participate in the Discussion initiative by @Cmp2020. Every user commenting on the post will receive a share of the liquid rewards by the account @Penny4thoughts. @Knitrias is sponsoring this initiative on behalf of the Members of the Knitrias Project.

[Discussion Post] Which Disney movie is your favorite?


Steem Power information

Upvote and post count information

Voting count


Post Count: 269 posts|445 comments|500 replies Voting Count: (6.60 % self, 99 upvotes, 52 accounts)
Last Post: Review & Roadmap | Knitrias Project Week 08
Post Count: 313 posts|260 comments|621 replies Voting Count: (3.82 % self, 93 upvotes, 36 accounts)
Last Post: My diary, Wednesday June 25, 2020
Post Count: 27 posts|224 comments|246 replies Voting Count: (5.37 % self, 80 upvotes, 16 accounts)
Last Post: Open Source Challenge: Knitrias-Project Review (Roadmap)
Post Count: 362 posts|1,683 comments|1,558 Voting Count: (0.01 % self, 159 upvotes, 91 accounts)
Last Post: Proposals for Round Two. #TheDiaryGame. Day 5 / date 29 - 06
Post Count: 39 posts|129 comments|179 replies Voting Count: (2.66 % self, 264 upvotes, 182 accounts)
Last Post: Invaded By A Ghost
Post Count: 129 posts|1,677 comments|1,055 Voting Count: (8.28 % self, 268 upvotes, 123 accounts)
Last Post: KNITRIAS PROJECT: Week 08 "Open Source Theme: Roadmap"
Post Count: 445 posts|2,607 comments|2,092 Voting Count: (2.37 % self, 224 upvotes, 114 accounts)
Last Post: Juego del Diario 28-06/ Jugando en mi Pc. Dia 8, Venezuela
Post Count: 61 posts|251 comments|282 replies Voting Count: (8.39 % self, 115 upvotes, 69 accounts)
Last Post: My diary Game 30-06-2020 || MI Diario de Juego 30- 06-2020


The Knitrias Project is much grateful with the following users, communities and projects:

Delegators: @Xpilar, @MBallesteros
Support: @SteemChiller, @SteemCurator01, @Steemitblog, @R2Cornell, @SteemingCurators
Friends of the project: @Club12, @RadaQuest, @Marcosdk, @Ciska, @CryptoKannon, @Jayplayco, @Roleerob, @Mllg, @Oppongk

Daily challenges and up to date information on the activities on

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Hi, I’m Vika @vikavi, I’m 16 years old and I am from Ukraine. Fluent in Ukrainian and Russian. But also not bad, and English. I learned about this platform today from @knitrias. My main hobbies are photography and dancing. I just love to pose for a photo, take a photo. I try to come up with some interesting ideas for photos and translate them into reality. Also, I can not restrain myself when I hear any music. My legs themselves drag me into a dance. I already know a little the work of the Steem blockchain, but I am ready to dive into it even more and perfectly master this area.

Hello, @Vikavi!! Nice to meet you!! Thanks for your interest to participate on the Knitrias Project. As a Member you have now a delegation of 200 Steem Power which you can check in your wallet, this allows you to perform more transactions, publications and comments and also to receive a little more on curation rewards.

Your posts will be upvoted by the Knitrias Curation Trail (max 2 each day) and you have the chance to receive incentives in Steem Power through contribution in our weekly challenges:

Branches of Longevity: Creative challenge to elaborate a free-style post with re-interpretations or new developments on literature, art, design, photography, music, documentary research, kitchen recipes or others, based on the characters and themes of The Longevity Statute, the world from which the character of Dr. Knitrias Maryana surges. All new possible situations, characters and areas of knowledge related are welcome. (Links to the chapters of the Longevity Statute are on every Report).

Open Source: Each week we add a new theme to create content on important topics and tools related to the Steem blockchain. You can choose the new theme or one of the previous to create your post. You narrate your personal experience as a user (no technical language required) of the most common tools and information used by the authors. So far we have these subjects to work: Markdown,, Steem Whitepaper, Steem Witnesses,, Steem Auto.

You can check the previous reports always showcasing the contributions of the week by the Members on these challenges. You probably have previously made some of these in the Achievement Program. You can further develop your materials and knowledge for the Open Source challenge.

Members' Initiatives: This challenge requires some more expertise on transactions and management of your account. You surely will be able to take it in a short time.

I ask you to please subscribe to the Curation Trail on SteemAuto. You can check this report containing a totorial to set your account and subscribe to the trail: KNITRIAS PROJECT: Week 06. You can even create a post with your subscription experience for the Open Source challenge.

Hope this information helps you to have the best journey here on the Knitrias Project. Any doubt or suggestion I'm glad to assist. Thanks for joining!!

Best wishes for life and projects!!

It will be a privilege to have your artistic point of view in the Project. 🔺

Otra buena semana para disfrutar de Steemit y del Proyecto de Knitrias. Un saludo gigantesco a todos los participantes y a nuestros guiadores en el proyecto.

Ahora yendo a lo bueno del post, la iniciativas me parecen súper geniales! Tengo una en mente que más que una iniciativa en el proyecto, es una iniciativa dentro de la comunidad. Con la creación de una cuenta aparte y demás. Admito tener como nervios de empezar ello, quizás @Leveuf, @Knitrias, @Rashia y @Adeljose me puedan guiar con su experiencia en la realización de segmentos y de proyectos. (Si me faltó mencionar a alguien que realice proyectos en la comunidad disculpen)

Éxitos para todos esta semana! 🔺

Hello @Jacorv!! Thanks for coming to the discussion!! :)
It will be interesting to know more about this initiative you are introducing. What's about?
In regard to new accounts I present to you these new Project Assistants: @Coryana and @Kortis
I'm looking for some possible tasks for them! :)

Ohhhh genial! Nuevos colaboradores técnicos del proyecto! Felicidades a ellos por ser parte de esta nueva etapa y mucho éxito.

Bueno la iniciativa va referente a la fotografía. Pronto traeré más contenido al respecto, pero creo que ese "abre bocas" está perfecto. Juju

Looking forward to it!! 😎
Best vibes, @Jacorv!! 🤗

Well @jacorv, it will also be my first time creating a contest or challenge. I did not start yet, but i do have an idea for it.

Sorry that I have no experience in that regard.

But i still wish you good luck and hope someone else might be able to help!

I took your #depression segment as a project 😅 It's like a reference for me.

Interesting, I'm looking forward to it 😁👍

Hello @Knitrias,

you have misunderstood some of my suggestions. I would like to explain what I meant:
I only suggested two things, which I will try to simplify

I suggest a monthly discussion about subjects that are suggested by the members throughout the 4 weekly reports (we, the members should comment which topics we think should be discussed.) You can then decide how many topics are possible to be discussed in the monthly discussion. Depending on the number of suggested topics. If there are alot of suggestions, I recommend you make a text file, collecting all of the suggestions and picking the ones which you believe are most urgent. But do not discard the other suggestions, I am sure we will have weeks with many suggestions and weeks with less. In that case we could discuss the other suggestions that were not discussed yet.

My second suggestion is to create 1 Post, which has a title adressing all of the new members, in some sort some guidelines. In that post I recommend you put in the links to all the reports where you explained some basics, for example the wallet and so on. (If it saves you time and you think it serves the purpose you are welcome to just put a link to my opensource contribution of this week, which has the links of all the reports and a short mention of which basics were explained.) I also recommend including the best contribution (only 1 per topic) of the opensource challenges, to explain to the new members: Markdown, SteemWorld, Steem Whitepaper, Steem Witnesses, DLive and SteemAuto.

This way the new members can get familiar with the different tools, websites and functions. I also recommend you choose the best contribution to link for explaining, by the criteria, which post is easiest to follow and understand, since it has a learning purpose.

These were my only two suggestions, I would appreciate it, if you could edit the post and correct my suggestions. Sorry for the inconvenience @Knitrias.

Have a lovely day.

Thanks for the clarification, I did understand that you suggest that new Members can take any of the previous challenges, which is a suggestion that I will keep not only for new Members but for every one.

About the topic of Monthly discussion I think is a matter of changing "posts for monthly discussion" to "one monthly post for discussion", is that correct?

Since the beginning, the Weekly Reports were open to discussions, doubts and suggestions by the Members. In a first moment even for share links on curated posts and comments. My perception has been that time and activities on each Member blog makes difficult to implement more discussion on these Reports, so the work has been focusing in comment and discuss on fellow Members posts which has been also a step by step work. In this stage (1-2 months), I suggest increasing the activity on the Weekly Reports first, the new proposed activity of Members' Initiatives has also that aim. What do you think on the new challenge?

There's now several discussion initiatives running on the platform, I think is better to take the opportunity to learn and see how they are developing, participate and then stablish the adequate discussion topics and formats for this group.

About the Post with all the Library from the project I can work on that, using your text and links and crediting your work. This post can be pinned on the top of the Community page and updated every month.

I'll edit the report trying to synthesize your suggestions. If any further change is needed please let me know.

Thanks for your contribution, @Rashia!


Contest description

Subject: Short Story competition
Limitation: 1 Post per User
Story does not have to end, may be ended with: „to be continued…“
If the story is made with an open end, it must be exciting enough to hook you for another part, for it to have a good ending!

Format: A post will be published with the conditions stated above and other information, such as who the judges fort he contest will be, the time limit for creating the story, as well as the dealine when the winner gets decided!

To be honest, I would love to have multiple judges, but since you cannot send private messages on Steemit, I am not sure how it can be coordinated without it being public.

Rewards: Since my competition hast he subject Short Story, I would like to reward the first 3 places.
If possible I would like to have a 9 SP reward pool, so I can distribute it as follows:

1st place: 5 SP
2nd place: 3 SP
3rd place: 1 SP

If a higher SP pool as rewards is possible, (not sure how much I should add, since I am still trying to reach minnow) I would like to do that. I would really like to read some real creative stories! Therefore I would like to give the authors rewards, worth the effort!

Great contest to introduce you in these new world.

  • I recommend you to set a minimum of words per story and you can consider also a max.
  • You can now contact judges trough discord. :)
  • You count with 15 Steem (not SP) from @Knitrias account for the prizes of your contest, these are transferred to your account for you to manage once you announce your contest.
  • You can set your prizes as Steem or as Steem Power, you decide. You can make the transfers to balance (Steem) or vesting (Steem Power) for the winners. (These operations can be done through Steem World).
  • When you finish reporting the winners of the contest you'll receive 5 SP.
  • You can add any amount you consider or you can find other sponsors for your contest.
  • So far, only you have presented a proposal. If you create your contest on this week it will be great, so next week (Report: week 11) I can begin a new round.

Good winds for the Short Story Competition by @Rashia!! I'm looking forward for the news!!

Alright, good ideas. I will try to get it ready this week. I wont promise but I will do my best.

Thanks to you for participate in this initiative. Don't worry about the time, the funds will be locked and assigned to your project. If no other application is presented I'll be launching the next round on week 11.


Hey @Xpilar and @Leveuf, are you interested in being judges with me for this contest if you have the time? If you want to talk to me about it on Discord my Discord is Rashia#3909

It will be a pleasure for me!! :)
I think you can contact Xpilar here: Talk Channel

Thank you very much @leveuf

@leveuf could you add me on discord? I made a channel for the judges of the contest.

@Knitrias, this is my second Draft, please tell me if you see something I should change or can improve:

Short Story Challenge:


  • 1 Post per User
  • 1000 words max.
  • Has to contain at least 500 words
  • Must have a good conclusive ending or
  • Have a good open ending, getting you hooked for more
  • No gore stories or any sort of grusome content
  • No discriminating content

You can choose freely what to write about, as long as it is according to the Limitations

Judges: Rashia
Maybe: Xpilar, Leveuf?
Deadline: 4 days after the contest has been posted.
Publishing Date for the winners: 5 days after the contest has been posted

Rewards: (Reward pool 15 Steem)
1st place: 7 Steem
2nd place: 5 Steem
3rd place: 3 Steem

I think your time is very short. The post needs to be promoted, discovered and then some time for the authors to create the content. Usually the contests run for seven days, as the post reaches the payout time.

In my opinion is better for a contest to have only one option: Have a good open ending, getting you hooked for more. This could be the main criteria to valuate the contributions.

I feel a bit contradictory No gore stories or any sort of gruesome content with You can choose freely... I would suggest No offensive or discriminatory language as a limitation and let everyone's imagination work.

Hope this helps, but you have the last word!!

Nah, it's fine sounds good. Thank you for the feedback

Looking forward for your contest!! :)

@Knitrias, here goes my third attempt hahahahahaha (I will get it right eventually)

Short Story Contest Draft #3


Create a short story with a good open ending, that will get your readers hooked for more!

1 Post per User only.

The story must have a minimum of 500 words, but is not allowed to exceed 1000 words.

No offensive or discriminating language!

Judges: Rashia, Leveuf
Maybe: Xpilar? (I tried to contact him, now I will wait and see)
Deadline: 7 days after the contest has been posted.
Publishing Date for the winners: 9 days after the contest has been posted

Rewards: (Reward pool 15 Steem)
1st place: 7 Steem
2nd place: 5 Steem
3rd place: 3 Steem

😍 You are ready!!

@jacorv, this might help you write a presentation of your contest :)

This week is closed! You have already received the 20 SP for your participation on the proposals. I'm preparing the Report.

You will receive 15 Steem for prizes as soon as you publish your contest and 5 SP for you when is finished.

Next round for applications will be on Week 11.

Es una muy buena manera de plantearlo. Me gusta mucho la idea de "continuará", eso crea lineas amplias para el desarrollo de la historia.

Gracias por darme estas sugerencias, pronto tendré algo preparado que espero y les guste a todos en el proyecto. Juju

I'm glad it can help you.

Hola, soy nueva en la plataforma, y quisiera participar en el proyecto Knitrias, por favor alguien que me pueda orientar al respecto. Agradezco su apoyo.

Hola @Isabelita!! Un gusto recibir tu visita. En los siguientes enlaces encontrarás información detallada sobre la Misión, Visión y Bases de Participación de este Proyecto. Cualquier duda o comentario será un placer atenderlo.


Una vez que hayas revisado la información, los requisitos para participar son muy simples:

  • Publica tu solicitud en la sección de comentarios de este mismo post:

  • Cuéntanos brevemente sobre los siguientes aspectos:

    • ¿Quién eres?
    • ¿Cuál es tu país y que idioma(s) hablas?
    • Cómo conociste la plataforma y desde hace cuánto tiempo.
    • Qué es lo que compartirás en tu blog.
    • Qué tanto conoces del funcionamiento de la blockchain de Steem: (Mucho, Regular, Poco, Nada)

  • Y finalmente, comenta tu disposición para participar en el trabajo de un Equipo que busca crear estrategias positivas de crecimiento a través de la creatividad, el aprendizaje, la cooperación y la generación de contenidos e interacciones de calidad.

Gracias por tu interés en el Proyecto, esperamos recibir pronto tu solicitud!!

Hola amigos, de verdad pido disculpas y agradezco por la oportunidad que me dieron, les deseo la mejor de las suertes en todo lo que emprendan son muy buenos en todo lo que hacen.

Muchas Gracias por pasar por aquí, @FutVen12!! Yo te agradezco a ti por haber andado por estos rumbos con nosotros, compartiendo también tus gustos y pensamientos. Como te he dicho varias veces, creo que tienes muchos talentos.
La plataforma te seguirá presentando muchas oportunidades que sabrás balancear con las necesarias actividades que hacemos en nuestros lugares de origen, el mundo real, como le dicen. El trabajo es primordial y hay que darle su tiempo, si lo sabré yo que trabajo en una escuela!! ;)

Van abrazos grandes y por aquí o por allá nos seguiremos encontrando en este mar de plataforma que es Steemit!!
Los mejores vientos, @Futven12!!

Que la fuerza esté contigo compañero, nos estaremos viendo el futuros proyectos!

Excelente trabajo mi amigo, veo que poco a poco va creciendo tu proyecto. Mis mejores deseos de éxito para ti y todos los que están a bordo de esta nave.

Muchas Gracias querida Amiga!! Acá andamos recorriendo estos rumbos de las comunidades, los proyectos y el crecimiento. Ha sido sin duda un gran aprendizaje!!

Gracias por apoyarnos y caminar junto a este proyecto que ahí va dando sus frutos!!
Abrazos grandes y buen viento, @MBallesteros!!

Excellent work. Thank you for running this contest.

The Steemit Team

Thanks for the encouragement and support!! I hope these Members' Initiatives bring them more visibility, relationships and a learning opportunity for developing projects here on Steem!!
Thanks a lot for the visit and well wishes!!

Best winds for the Steemit Team!!

Great evaluation report of an evenly outstanding project! STEEM ON
Muchas gracias

Thank you for being awesome! You just got upvoted by the @steemingcurators. We are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator02 account to support the best content on Steemit!

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Biggest Live Music contest on Steemit #MusicForSteem
Follow @musicforsteem and the official community on Steemit: MusicForSteem🎵

Thank you very much for your constant encouragement and support!! It has been a great adventure so far and there are coming more activities and fun!!
I send big hugs and best winds for your great projects!!
Steem On!!

You rock buddy! Thanks for all the things you do

Thanks a lot!! But I must say that you are the very best!! :)
The work you are doing is admirable on every aspect and I'm sure is more to come!!
Big hugs for you and the best winds for life and projects!! <3
Steem On!!

Creo que estas llevando un proyecto de lujo donde se muestran grandes exigencias incluso para el equipo que lo dirige. No es común ver este tipo de reporte, preciso, conciso, detallado. Los animo a seguir adelante, son extraordinarios. @leveuf, mis respetos para ti!

Muchas gracias, querida amiga @Belkisa758!! Aquí vamos dando pasos cada vez más firmes en el avance de este proyecto. Esperando siempre buenas sorpresas de este futuro que está a la puerta.

Van abrazos bien grandes y siempre buenos vientos!!

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Thank you very much for your support and great guidance into this world of the communities!!
Always the best wishes for all the Team on the World of Xpilar!!

@Leveuf and @Knitrias, I am sad to see, that the suggestions by me have not been updated and changed..... :( Please change it....

Those suggestions are not mine....

Dear @Rashia! I edited the post since last week when we discuss. Your suggestions as I understand were 1 post every month for discussion, and to create one post (authored by you) with information of the project and links to the main contributions to the challenges to pin on the top of the community.

If you want specific text for your suggestions, please comment here and I'll change it.

Можете поделиться вот эти постом, чтоб хотя б чуть-чуть апнули, а то уже почти прошло 7 дней, а апнули копейки, аж обидно((((


Hola saludos a todos den el proyecto, y agradecida con su apoyo. Para mi es un gusto estar acay estoy tratando de incorporarme de forma mas activa con todos.

Con el propósito de lograr activarme mas, quisiera proponer la siguiente iniciativa para un desafio:

Descripcion del desafio: Respuestas Creativas: El Misterio Más Grande
La finalidad es que el participante pueda crear una publicación basándose en lo que esta frase le trae a su mente, esto nos servirá para evaluar la creatividad pero también la profundidad de pensamientos y hasta conocernos mas, ya que la respuesta puede ser desde un punto de vista muy personal como algo global o hasta propio del mundo de la fantasia.

Limitaciones: 1 publicación por persona.
Con 500 palabras o más dependiendo del participante.
Que la publicación responda en su contenido a las tres preguntas bases.
Sin lenguaje ofensivo ni discriminatorio.
Tiempo de publicación 7 dias a partir de la publicación en que se explica el desafio. Al dia 8 se publican los resultados

Formato: El desafio lleva inmersa la respuesta a tres preguntas fundamentales:
1.- Cual considera es el misterio más grande? Acá el participante expresa su respuesta bien sustentada y describiendo el misterio con todas sus matices;
2.- Porqué cree que lo que plantea es el misterio más grande? aquí se visualizará las razones de su respuesta y la motivación si tiene que ver con lo emocional, con lo mundial,religioso, político, etc y
3.- Que pasaríasi ese misterio fuese revelado? es donde el participante ofrecerá un mini relato que nos llevará a imaginar a travésde sus palabras cómo sería todo en su vida o en la del mundo entero si el misterio fuese descubierto

El desafio sería evaluado por 2 o 3 jueces, de acuerdo a lo que me sugieran, así como quienes serían estos evaluadores.

Premiación: como son asignados 15 steem, sugiero repartirlos en:
1 lugar: 7 steem
2 lugar: 5 steem
3 lugar: 3 steem.

Esta es mi propuesta, quisiera saber su opinión, aporte y calro les pido apoyo porque es la primera vez que realizo este tipo de actividades. Gracias y Abrazos

Hola @Isabellta!! Tu concurso suena realmente genial y por supuesto que será apoyado. Sólo tenemos que conservar el orden de las propuestas y asegurar que puedas recibir parte de los incentivos por lanzar tu propuesta que se dan en la semana en que se propone la convocatoria para la siguiente ronda. La semana pasada se inició una en la que sólo participó @Jacorv, y esta semana lanzó su concurso.

Te pido que inscribas esta propuesta en el próximo reporte en el que se iniciará la nueva ronda y los postulantes reciben los incentivos. Yo procuraré recordarte pero también te pido estar pendiente!!

Muchas gracias por esta propuesta. Te deseo lo mejor para vida y proyectos!!

Hola muchisimas gracias y clarooo que estare pendiente, para proponerla en el proximo informe, y asi seguir los procesos adecuadamente. Gracias por tu orientaciòn. Abrazos

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