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First, I need to recognize the long time that has passed since the last report, even since the last responses, and express my sincere apologies. Maybe this can't be a justification but the last month meant to me the return to this new reality in which many are trying to manage new forms of doing the work that for years was made in other ways. Online versions of old practices require lots of adjustments and adaptation. Resilience and new paradigms require focus and time, even when hard I needed to accept the new circumstances of this health crisis and help my-self and give some help in my work and family backgrounds. I'm sorry for the long pause.

I finally came here to this space to try to close the open cycles.

But before entering to those matters I need to congratulate the last Graduate Members of this Project, who on the last weeks achieved to become Minnows on the Steem Blockchain: @Rashia whose wisdom, creativity and great spirit brought always light to the fellow members and for the platform and @Jadnven whose constant work and great energy shared on each post was a pleasure to follow. Congratulations and always the best for the journey!!

The beginnings

When this project was conceived, the platform was passing through the most difficult time in almost four years, for everyone is known the fork that produced the split of the Steem community. Great uncertainty and disinformation were signs of the period, many were extremely hurt in all the process. There was a time for all to decide and also fight on that decisions. Then I decided to stay in Steem and not only that, but helping other users on the similar decision. For those who witnessed those months, the violence and harassment are probably remembered. In that context, this project was aimed to make company to users willing to grow and get some learnings on the platform. On this path I found many people willing to work for this community and platform. @Xpilar, @Steemchiller, the @Steemingcurators the @Project-Hope, @Cryptokannon, @Ciska and many more!

Then, we begin to receive news from the @Steemitblog and the @Steemcurator01. The 100 days of Steem were launched as a confirmation that the new administration on was in all the disposition to support the community and platform in the context of the reconstruction on communities, curation teams, dapps and exchanges to defend the Steem economy against constant attacks from people that never see their goals of "destroying steem" realized. With great strength the Steemit Team along with the most experienced Steemians launched the curation program, also promoted creativity through different challenges and finally they found the best strategies to achieve recruitment, retention and reward through the Diary Game, which has been the activity with more participation in the history of Steem. The Knitrias Project was greatly supported by the Steemit Team and its initiatives and programs.

There is a different time right now. The situation with the Steem community is much more stable and also the economy have shown strong growth. Important partnerships have been announced. A great activity in content creation is occurring these days. The season 2 of the Diary Game it's a great success and has brought new users to the platform, The World of Xpilar is one of the most active communities at the moment, Project Hope and Music for Steem have great participation and the Country curators along with the SteemGreeters are a great incentive for everyone.

The funds of the project

This project as it was conceived was set with two possible deadlines, (Knitrias Project: Announcement) at four months or depending on conditions this could be up to six months.

The Project considers a first phase of 6 months of work with two intermediate evaluations over its viability:
2 months: Evaluation of progress and implementation of strategies.
4 months: Evaluation of progress. Continuity or suspension agreement.
6 months: Evaluation of the First Phase. Continuity agreements in a new autonomous and independent scheme from the @Leveuf account.

It took time to me to consider my own situation and also that of the Members that have expressed disposition to continue working, those dealing with economics and those who have stopped to share on their blogs. These considerations bring me to the conclusion that this is a good moment to close this cycle of the Knitrias Project.

The funds of the project were meant to be distributed between the Members and Supporters at the end of the cycle as stated on the Announcement of the project:

If the Project ends after 4 or 6 months, the @Knitrias account will Power Down its total earnings, distributing 75% weekly among the Members who have belonged to the Project for the complete period and the other 25% for users and projects of Steem who have supported the Knitrias Project or others who will be decided among the members and whose work is worth supporting.

Knitrias will Power Down 1700 Steem, gained throug the weekly reports and the votes of the supporters of the project. As the power down period has changed to four weeks, the funds will be distributed in this way:

During the first three weeks the funds will be distributed between 10 users. The nine Members of the project and one part will remain in the @Knitrias account. The Members of the Project are:










This project and all its achievements wouldn't be possible without the great support from projects and users that were by our side during this adventure, initiatives, rewards and creativity were result from their confidence and support through votes, delegations and diffusion of the work. The last week, the remaining 25% will be distributed at equal parts between these users:


The liquid 200 steem in the @Knitrias account has been distributed in this way:
50 Steem: returning investment to @F21Steem.
135 Steem: 15 steem for ech one of the nine Members of the Project.
15 Steem: Will remain in the @Knitrias account to power up and continue to perform transactions.

Delegations from @Leveuf's account.

The delegations from @Leveuf account will remain for two more weeks from the publication of this post, except for @Angelik-a and @Isabellta for whom this delegation will remain for one month more.


The Knitrias Project was designed in a rigid structure that required a lot of work to present detailed reports and curation of the posts by the Members. The structure was conceived to be manageable by a coordinator/team with viable goals, transparency and clear terms. The Project accomplished many of its goals, however, it has a structure that become to heavy in relation with the growth of the activity on the platform.

It's moment for new projects by the Members, conceived to give value and support. New models of cooperation and content creation that constantly reinvent this platform.

For now, from my part I can offer an open channel for communication and support on my possibilities to the personal projects. Some of them already working or some others in the kitchen to continue with the impulse. @Knitrias and @Leveuf will keep the fanbase and trail on the Members and following the news.

All my respect and admiration for all the people mentioned in this post. I've learned what's unquantifiable. Thank you very much for the great experience and I wish you the best winds on this, our journey on the Steem Blockchain.



Designs by @Jacorv

The Branches of Longevity Challenge Contributions!
A Guide to help the growth of new Members of the Knitrias Project

Compilation Projects by @Rashia


Knitrias Project Initiative: Short Story Contest! (33 Steem reward pool), by @Rashia

Concurso de Fotografía - Knitrias Project Initiative, by @Jacorv

CONCURSO RESPUESTAS CREATIVAS. - Iniciativa del Proyecto Knitrias, by @Isabellta

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I will be honest, I am grateful, but also very sad.

It is such a special honor for me to have been a part of this project and to be honest I would really loved to see this project develope more and grow. I even wanted to be a moderator to help continue this project.

It has become more stable, but I still believe this project could help so many more.

Little side note: I will continue Coryanas story again, I had stopped because of many reasons, one of them being, that I am sad the project ended, but I don't want to leave you all with this unfinished story.

I sincerly hope you find the time to see how Coryanas journey ends.

I wish every member as well as you and @Knitrias the best.

I will sincerly miss this project and all the people involved in it!

Don't worry, I will not be discouraged, I will continue on my path!

I hope to still read from you once in a while! :D

Take care everyone!!!!

Dear @Rashia!! You are right, and your impulse for this project make think in the possibilities to continue creating initiatives. Let's talk on some ideas and projects ang give life again to Knitrias and Coryana!! We can join on your server on discord and see how we can make it!!
I hope everything is well on your days, send you lots of big hugs with great joy and much light!!

Bueno primero que nada quisiera agradecerle profundamente a @Leveuf por invitarme al Proyecto Knitrias. Fue mi primero proyecto serio en Steemit y que le tengo un cariño sin igual. Aprendí muchas cosas nuevas, desde herramientas hasta redacción de post. Me ayudó a ser más constante con mis publicaciones y enfocarme a lo que quería compartir con la comunidad.

Ahora que estoy en mi propio proyecto, entiendo la gran tarea que conlleva esta acción. Nunca juzgue el trabajo realizado, al contrario.. En sentido propio me siento mal porque este ciclo se cierra, pero a su vez entiendo perfectamente que todo tuvo un propósito. En un principio, cuando volví a la comunidad me encontré con mucha incertidumbre, sin importar que pasó me quedé y luché por lo que me gustaba hacer.

Espero seguir compartiendo trabajos con @Leveuf, @Adeljose, @Rashia @Isabellta. Quienes fueron con quien más compagine en la gestión del proyecto y a quienes les tengo un cariño muy particular.

Les deseo a todos Buenos Vientos!


Que siga el éxito @jacorv

Gracias, igualmente para usted y los suyos! 🔺

Beautiful, thank you so much @Jacorv , you have fascinated me sooooooo often in this project. I wish to continue to watch you grow and thrive and even help you once in a while if you need it :)

It was a pleasure getting to know you through this project :) I hope to stay in contact with you as well hehehehe :D

Take care! Talk to you soon ;)

Ha sido toda una marea de acontecimientos estos días en mi mundo, ciertamente hay ciclos como estos, pero en esta "nueva normalidad", me ha costado trabajo encontrar equilibrio. Perdón por los retrasos y ausencias. No puedo quedarme sin ir cerrando ciclos y aquí estoy para cerrar esta aventura con un gran abrazo, admirado @Jacorv, por todo el camino recorrido y lo que en él has alcanzado.
El Proyecto fue exitoso desde que ofreció esa motivación que te llevo también a crear Impulso, verás que es grandioso encontrarse con la gente en esta forma colaborativa. Mucha buena vibra para tu gran proyecto!!

Acá andamos en este camino en la cadena de bloques, que solo promete seguir trayendo más sorpresas!!
Abrazo grande, querido Amigo!!

Todos tenemos nuestro momento en el cual el "acostumbrarnos" no es nuestra mejor opción pero debemos hacerlo. Esta nueva normalidad nos afecta a todos de una u otra manera, lo que debemos hacer es seguir fiel a nosotros mismos, luchar por lo que queremos y seguir adelante.

Así es, el proyecto para mi fue un éxito y si en algún momento resurge desde las cenizas como un fénix, estaré en primera fila alistándome para ello. Incluso, quien sabe si sigo al pie de la letra algo como esto y hago lo mismo que tu conmigo, con todos nosotros... Juntar varios participantes a crecer semanalmente y motivarse unos a otros.

Mi proyecto solo es una fase de muchas aventuras que me depara la cadena de bloques en la cual convivo.

Te deseo siempre lo mejor Maestro, agradecido infinitamente con todo lo que hiciste y haces.

Un fuerte abrazo,🔺

Un excelente aporte a la cohorte del proyecto @knitrias y a toda la comunidad.
Mis sinceras felicitaciones por un un trabajo metódico, intenso y efectivo, que dio consistentes frutos.
Felicitaciones por los logros alcanzados, por un éxito indudable y mis mejores deseos para que el futuro renueve el éxito, sea cual sea la meta propuesta; amigo @leveuf, @knitrias.

Vamos aprendiendo!! Vendrán con seguridad más proyectos y muchas sorpresas en el camino!!
Te abrazo fuerte, querida @Mllg, compañera admirada del constante andar!!

Hiciste un gran aporte. Felicitaciones!!

Agradezco enormemente al amigo @leveuf por haber puesto en marcha este excelente proyecto cuando en verdad hacía falta organizar y encarrilar a algunos usuarios a crecer dentro de la plataforma en tiempos de dificultades, hubiese querido ver más participantes pero lamentablemente no acudieron al llamado, sin embargo me siento contento por el trabajo que se logró, los miembros de #Knitrias-project ya andan con pasos agigantados hacia un crecimiento constante en Steemit, donde el firme objetivo es mantenerse en constante dinámica e invirtiendo fielmente en sus cuentas.

Me gustaría que mantengan el proyecto abierto a un posible regreso y con nuevas perspectivas, siempre es necesario tener este tipo de proyectos que ayuden al crecimiento de los usuarios.

Nuevamente doy gracias al proyecto #knitrias-project por la labor cumplida.


I agree with everything you said @Adeljose!!!!!! I would definetly love to see this project make a comeback! :D
It has been wonderful and fascinating. Thank you for your inspiration. You have encouraged me ALOT at the beginning of this project!

Querido @AdelJose, muchas gracias por ese aliento y reflexión sobre la gran aventura que vivimos durante esos tiempos duros. El proyecto fue exitoso desde que pudo convocar a los integrantes necesarios y el apoyo para construir un impulso que llevará a descubrir los propios caminos, tal como ha ido pasando. Creo que se formaron herramientas de trabajo y algunas ideas que se han convertido en nuevas iniciativas y proyectos. Yo estoy muy contento.

La cuenta seguirá en espera de que se ajuste un poco mi mundo en el que demasiados ajustes han sido necesarios, resultando todo en multiplicación de las horas de trabajo, pero me voy organizando poco a poco sin perder perspectiva de recuperar ciertos espacios que se han perdido en mi gremio. Otros proyectos vendrán para Knitrias en lo futuro y probablemente siga también publicando de vez en cuando.

Un poco atrasado en mis respuestas pero con gran cariño y admiración te dejo por aquí un abrazo y nos seguimos encontrando en la gran aventura de Steem y todo lo que viene para la plataforma!!

Wow! Great post!
Sorry for my late response.

To be honest this post fills me with mixed feelings:

Proud to have been a part a part of it.
Proud of my fellow members, how they have grown over time!
Proud of you and @Knitrias for your growth as well, you two have been managing this project amazingly. You interacted with the members, considered our ideas to improve the project, but also dealt with problems that occured very humanely and with lots of understanding. You two were always very dedicated, patient, supportive and kind.

I feel nostalgic, it's been quite a ride in this project and I am soooo thankful to have been one of the members who was part of it, from the very beginning. It was like seeing a child grow up. Like you said the structure was defined, but not quite finished yet at the beginning. I got so see the shape change and the methods and tactics improve. I got to see how the members (including myself) showed their different personalities and approaches to the project. Some dove right in and gave us others who were holding back and insecure, the courage to jump on the bandwagon as well. One of those members who encouraged me by her actions was @Adeljose and @Myfreelive.

I feel a bit disheartend and sad. Since my life here on Steemit pretty much began with this project, thanks to @Knitrias contacting me on my introduction post, this project has been the largest part of my Steemit activity.
I continued my depression blog, but most of my work was with the project.
I stopped writing Coryanas story and have been halfway panicing to be honest. I am currently looking for an online job with which I can sustain my son and myself until my blog reaches the point where I want it to be.

I am sad, because I will miss the participation in the challenges with the other members, inspriting each other. I will miss being challenged to surpass myself, but mostly I miss the communication.

I also feel a bit lost, I wanted to help the project grow even farther, I wanted to help you and knitrias to manage it, if you would have allowed me to do so. That is one of the reasons why I dedicated some of my time to the guide for new members and making a post collecting all the branches of longevity posts....

But, I won't give up on this project, EVER! I will be waiting and ready if you ever decide to relaunch it! And I will be ready to help out, if you wish me to do so!

Thank you so much for everything, I am sorry I am having a hard time finding the right words, this project gave us all so much more than we could have imagined, it also made us all grow in ways we didn't expect to.

Thank you so much, I wish EVERYONE who was involved: Members, Management, Supporters, also the Followers, the best in life, alot of endurance and strength for their work and alot of blessings in their life, may it be kind people or a caring gesture.

Take care everyone :) I miss this project already!!! I loved it, I absolutely loved it!!!!

Dear @Rashia!! I feel in my heart all of your words and feel them warm and strong!! Continuing the project on its structure, was a possibility that I needed to consider sadly in a harsh moment like this in my life. Of course, you would be a perfect admin for the project, but I would also need to put most of the work on your shoulders, or working in organizing a team. The timing on my side was and is difficult until now.
Nothing is lost from the work we put in this project, on the contrary, I think we gain much! You will see your material will be referenced in some point for newcomers or people interested in communities or other tools.
Knitrias is alive, and we can stay in communication, maybe not as daily for now but this surely will change. It's about cycles I guess. Other project have surged, as @Jacorv's Impulso.
You only discovered your great potential as a writer, fictional, biographical and researcher, surely you need to continue with your project here and in any platform that gives you the economic opportunities you need. These materials are yours to publish where you have a sign up!! I've visited all of your posts, and surely more people, maybe we are all with this time crisis. I'll try to solve mine soon to comment more!!
I'll continue with my branch of the Longevity Statute, of course you are invited to continue yours, the important is to have fun!!
I send you lots of strong hugs @Rashia, my admiration and wishes that you get all those project realized very soon. We will continue to imagine new ideas in the time to come.
Only the best winds for you every day!!

That's correct, Knitrias lives. Even since we read his stories we had that mystique of the reality in which he was. Everything lives in our memories. I will take the Project wherever I go. It was a great boost for me and a good way to generate more confidence, one that allowed me to create my own project,motivate other users and so on.

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Thank you very much for your constant support for this and many projects and users here on the Steem Blockchain!!
My admiration and gratefulness!!
The Best Winds!!

Hola se podria decir que soy la mas chiquita del proyecto y aunque ha sido poco el tiempo dentro de él, me da una gran nostalgia que cierre este ciclo. sin embargo en este lapso, he podido hacer amistades, fue tan agradeble sentirme parte activa de un muy buen equipo, al que agradezco y doy mis cariño y respeto. @leveuf me faltan palabras para agradecerte tu apoyo, tu disposición y los mejores vientos para ti. a mis compañeros espero sigamos interactuando y compartiendo proyectos. Ha sido un placer estar su lado. Abrazos virtuales gigantes. Gracias a todos

Aunque fuiste la de más reciente ingreso, sin duda tu participación fue muy valiosa y admirable, siempre brindando buena energía al equipo en sus publicaciones y también con ideas creativas. Verás que hay más camino por delante y el apoyo de este proyecto te seguirá ayudando para construir lo que tú decidas. Por aquí sigo por si en algo puedo ayudar, ya veremos que podemos inventar!!

Te mando abrazos grandes y los mejores vientos para cada uno de los días!!

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