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I'm about to go to War with @steemflagrewards if @pocket-change is not restored to full status, and all the Black Flags are not Removed... I'm at that point, where I will become the ABUSE they all started out, trying to STOP... They have become the ABUSERS... I must be fully restored to prevent from becoming their worse nightmare, along with their Flag Fishers, Supporters and Zombie Down-Voters... I'm not looking forward to this... I hope someone calls a Meeting soon... It wouldn't take many of the UP-VOTES you just received on your Comment Above, to make me whole...
March 13, 2020... 14.3 Hollywood Time...

I think you are confusing @steemflagrewards w another moderation group. For starters, we don't have any official autodownvote account (the zombie dowmvoters as you say). We do have a trail downvoter which is initiated by manual intervention.

Somewhat disappointed that you never responded to my olive leaf Big Chungus post. Was ready to help you get started on a new account and everything.

We can't undo whales /orcas that flag you. Even if you had a legit false positive, we don't have the SP to counter. Sorry but maybe find a new account and / or new hobby.

Think what you are doing is an extraordinary waste of time and prob not healthy. Our of concern, highly recommend you re-evaluate.

Also, you comment has no relevance to the OP and memo may be more appropriate for such a communication. Sometimes I'll comment hijack but it's generally a practice from which I would refrain.

NO... I'm not about to start a New Account... I want back, what was taken from me, by using Abusive Steem-Power Down-Votes... It was OVER-KILL and you know it... I was Attacked... Check the last Post of @pocketechange and you'll see why I had every Right to Defend myself... The more I fought back, the Greater the Abuse became... I didn't destroy my Reputation, you people Destroyed my Reputation... I refuse to start over... All I want is what was taken from me... I want to be "REMOVED" from any and all BLACK LISTS... You people better call a Meeting of the Minds... I'm not going to let your Team of Abusers, Stomp me into the Ground, then tell me to open a new account... No Way... I want what belongs to me, returned... It wouldn't take much to make me whole...
March 14, 2020... 3.3 Hollywood Time...

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