Psychology shall analyze five cold knowledge about dream state

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Can sleeping face down dream about sex? Psychology analyzes five cold knowledge about dreams. There is an old Chinese saying that "there are thoughts in the day and dreams in the night", and dreams have always been a mysterious and interesting topic in psychology. Some people say that dreams are actually the subconscious mind of human beings. Dreams do not represent the present or foretell the future, but are a manifestation of one's subconscious mind at work. The famous psychologist Freud said that "dreams are the work of the subconscious mind, and they reflect in a symbolic way the deepest conflicts, desires and emotions of a person". Here are a few psychological cold knowledge related to dreaming.

A. If you sleep face down, you will dream of sexual acts

Hong Kong Shue Yan University for "dreaming content by the influence of sleeping position" to do a research study. The results of the study showed that people who often sleep face down are more likely to dream about sexual experience, their naked body, swimming, suffocation and other scenes. The reason for these dreams is that the brain is not completely disconnected from the external world during sleep, so external stimuli are incorporated into the dream state through the brain.

The face-down position puts more pressure on the body (especially in men, this position also puts some pressure on the genitals) and also causes a certain difficulty in breathing by affecting the normal oxygen supply to the brain, which causes the brain to start unconscious thinking or phenomena that lead to the appearance of the above-mentioned dreams. There is another psychological sample survey shows that, compared with sleeping with the face to the left, sleeping with the face to the right will make people more likely to have beautiful dreams, and less likely to have nightmares.

Second, "ghost bed"

I believe that many people have had the experience that they are awake and conscious, but the body can not move, want to scream, but also can not scream, as if there is something heavy pressure on their body, it takes a few minutes to resume physical action. In folklore, this phenomenon is commonly known as "ghost bed press". In medical terms, it is called sleep paralysis, a kind of dream disorder.

In fact, the human sleep cycle goes through a period of rapid eye movement, during which the eyes turn rapidly and the brain, as the center of sleep control, maintains a state of wakefulness during this period. During the REM period, only the eye and respiratory muscles are kept working, while the other muscles have entered a dormant state.

This temporary muscle dormancy is in fact the body's self-protection state, to avoid people with the dream to make the corresponding action to hurt themselves. But if you wake up suddenly during the rapid eye movement period, your brain is already awake and your muscles have not yet reacted in a dormant state. This can cause us to feel immobilized in a "ghost press" situation.

Studies have shown that the "ghost pressure bed" is mainly due to the mental stress of life, anxiety, tension, these emotions into sleep will lead to early entry into the rapid eye movement period and the "ghost pressure bed" phenomenon.

Third, women are more likely to have nightmares

Amerisleep conducted a survey of two thousand men and women. The study showed that women are more likely to have nightmares than men. The women in the study usually dreamed of losing their teeth, being chased and seeing spiders, among other nightmares. Men were less likely to have nightmares, and they were more likely to dream about exciting things. For example, a chance encounter with a beautiful woman or finding money.

Researchers further studied how gender relates to beautiful dreams or nightmares and found that women, because of their delicate minds, tend to fall into anxiety, so they show up in dreams as nightmares. Researchers also found that when in a pleasant dream, dreamers usually play an active, aggressive role, while the reality of the general female aggression is not as high as men, so women have a higher chance of nightmares than men.

Fourth, nightmares help you solve problems

Famous psychologist Freud believes that dreams are the behavior of the subconscious mind, people like "good dreams", but when we have nightmares, in fact, the subconscious mind is switching to a different perspective on the problem, in order to pull us out of the fixed pattern.

Through nightmares, one can learn more about oneself, but also allows us to see things from a different perspective. So don't be afraid to have nightmares, sometimes they can help you solve problems.

Five, women are more likely to remember their dreams

An article published in the well-known medical journal "Sleep Research" claims that women have higher dream recall ability, which in layman's terms means that women are better able to remember their dreams and express them, and they also like to share and explore their dreams. Dreaming is a normal physiological activity and different scholars and schools of thought have different interpretations of dreams. The Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams believes that dreams originate from the prediction of the unknown and that there are hints of the future in dreams.

Medical doctors believe that dreaming is a physiological phenomenon beneficial to the brain and that dreaming can exercise the brain, and Japanese researchers have shown that dreaming is beneficial to prolong life.

Psychologists believe that dreams are like a flashlight that shines on the world of our subconscious mind to see what is going on inside. Dreams are a reflection of a certain psychological state, people will lie, but dreams do not, after all, dreams are a spontaneous mental activity, a person's thoughts will be reflected in the dream state.


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