How ordinary the world is, do you agree?

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Do you agree?

100 years later in 2121, we will all be in the grave with our relatives and friends.
And strangers will live in our homes.
Our property will be owned by others,


They will never remember us.
Who among us is still our grandfather's father Must be thinking about?
We will be part of history in the memory of our generations,
While people will forget our names and shapes.
In a hundred years there will be much darkness and stagnation.
Then we will realize how mediocre the world was, how ignorant and deficient the dream of getting everything and others was.

And we would like that if we spend our whole lives doing good deeds and doing good deeds, then that opportunity is fortunately available to us today ... as long as we remain.


Life is left
Consider and change.
Oh God, guide us.
Oh God, make our end good. Amen.

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