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We are born lonely, because we have thoughts since we were born, and this thought is only known to ourselves, and outsiders cannot perceive it. But the arrival of loneliness does not mean that we like to be alone, so we always like to be accompanied by others, and hope that we are no longer alone.

In order to keep ourselves from being alone, we have to know some people and contact some people, and these people will gradually become our concerns. I don’t know if everyone feels like this. There are always some people who can make us want to cry with one sentence, and move us instantly.

I think I am a strong person, I think I can be alone, without the company of anyone. Although I don't like having one more person by my side, I still want occasional care from others, because this will make me feel that I am also being paid attention to, not alone.

When I was a child, I felt that everything in this world is not as important as eating and sleeping. As long as there is food and sleep well, then I feel very satisfied. But as we get older, we come into contact with more and more things, and more and more people are in contact with, and we are becoming less and more innocent, so we inevitably have to bear a lot of grievances that we have never encountered before. Or sad.

I don’t know who said that there is no easy word in the adult world, and I really know it every day. Obviously I don't like intriguing workplaces, flattering parties, and people with false smiles, but I have to force myself to adapt to all this.

Every time I go to work, I feel a little uncomfortable. Why do those people who laughed and talked in the last second can steal your customers for profit in the next second? Why does the person I treat with my sincere heart Talking bad things about me to others where I don't know.

When we were a little bit wronged, we would talk about it, and we would definitely not hide it, but when we grow up? He knows that he has been wronged, but he still has to pretend to be stupid. In order to adapt to all this, we have to remind ourselves every day that adult life is like this, and everyone will experience this.


Life is really tired sometimes. At this moment, I really don't really want to write these things, but I have to persist because this is my last task today. Just now my mother sent a message suddenly, she said: "Go to bed early, staying up late is not good for your health". When I saw this news, I really couldn't help crying. I also know that staying up late is not good, and I want to go to bed earlier, but I can’t, because of my work, I have to stay up late.

Some people say they don’t like it and resign. I have thought about it this way. But not everyone can have such blessings. If I want to survive in this society, I must go to work. If I want my parents not to worry, I You have to make money.

With my existence, we are all helpless.


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