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Bitcoin price is adjusted by the MA5 shock in the daily chart, and the low point keeps moving up. The market seems to be in a high mood, but in fact it is a bit bland! Most people can only look at the new high, and they are not involved in it. Secondly, there are serious differences between long and short. On the one hand, the bulls never let go of their bodies, but there is a feeling that they will not fall, although the indicators are still in good condition; However, from the 4-hour chart, the adjustment still needs to be continued, and the Bollinger Middle Track can only play a short-term role in supporting the market. The indicators in the 1-hour chart continue to be intertwined, and the long-short trend is unclear for the time being. But for the overall trend, the bullish trend remains the same, and the key lies in whether the short-term adjustment will fall below $61,300. Bitcoin is in a bullish trend at present, but it needs to be adjusted back in the short term. If the bitcoin price fails to effectively exceed 64,000 US dollars, then the bitcoin price is likely to test the support of 61,000-61,300 US dollars, or even 60,000 US dollars. However, if the bitcoin price can effectively exceed 64,000 US dollars again, the bitcoin price will be tested to 65,000 US dollars again.

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