Movies review | Countless women slept! But he wants to have a good relationship

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"Men are big feet!"

Even though they all say this to men, sometimes they still feel good.

But the story is different for bastards, after all, these people like to play with other people's feelings:

The ghost of an ex-girlfriend

"Ghost of Ex-Girlfriend" 丨 2009

Just like the name! Ex-boyfriend definitely refers to more than one woman.

In this era of fast food, there is always a man who can stretch freely among the flowers and fool the women around him, but that silly woman is hurt in her feelings.

The ghost of an ex-girlfriend

The first prerequisite for a man to be attractive is to have money. In such a material age, many women are very realistic.

Not only to understand them, but also to spend money on them. It is impossible for a woman to dedicate the most beautiful youth to you, accompanying you to eat more than ten yuan Mala Tang.

After all, Brother Seven felt that the woman's reality was correct ...

The ghost of an ex-girlfriend

Rich men naturally find it much easier to choose girls.

Driving a million-class sports car, you can basically bring a woman home in a few minutes.

Of course this was bastard behavior, and Seventh Brother didn't support it at all.

The ghost of an ex-girlfriend

But sometimes, individual women can't be moved by money alone, and you still need your care and sincerity.

Often times when a ruffian meets this type of woman, he might change her character and take her seriously.

The ghost of an ex-girlfriend

The male lead Connor is a total bastard. When he slept with this woman, he had already started looking for the next object in his heart.

Over time, the women with whom he had a relationship were able to form companies that were strengthened by the military.

The ghost of an ex-girlfriend

But when he meets his childhood sweetheart, he finds that she is the only woman who doesn't care for him.

Because Jenny knows that this kind of male nonsense and punctuation can't be trusted.

What is still fresh in Seven Brothers' memory is that there is a scene like that in the film.

When Connor remembers the spoils of his time as a bastard, a lot of things come to mind.

There were tears that a woman shed for him, wipes that wiped away tears, and used Durex ...

It was like a storm, suddenly crashing from the sky.

The ghost of an ex-girlfriend

After so many real surprises, Connor realized that he had done so many mistakes.

Usually at this time, he only wanted one person to accompany him.

The ghost of an ex-girlfriend

The prodigal son will not change the money! It is not wrong to leave this sentence alone.

But he still has a certain truth, at least the bastard understands responsibility, love and dedication.

Loving someone is not difficult, loving someone for life is not easy!

When you are young, you may want to live freely and read a lot of women. But eventually you will find that holding someone's hand and walking through life is the happiest thing.

The ghost of an ex-girlfriend

When you decide to give up part of your freedom, part of your space, part of your superiority, give up all your possibilities, and be with one person with all your heart. Then you are sure to be lucky, and love will also keep you warm.

It's not embarrassing to love only one person for life!

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