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There is indeed a dream that can't choose poverty and misfortune, but can choose with all one's strength.

Martin Luther King had a dream, that is, to make all people equal and free.

Judy, a rabbit police officer, also has a dream, which is to make all animals have equal freedom and make the world a better place.


After the gorgeous 3D effect, I can't remember most of the animals' loveliness and ferocity, because Judy's ears erected when she struggled for her dreams again and again are always in front of her heart.

In fact, "Zootopia" only alludes to the human world with the animal world. In that animal town, there are overbearing, bullying, on-the-job inaction, low-class people, underworld, sunny side, positive and optimistic Judy, and dark and powerful villains!

Here, you can pursue your dreams and broaden your horizons happily, but at the same time, you should also know that it is full of uncertainties. When you are weak, others may look down on you, and you will have many obstacles when doing things, but you will always succeed if you persist.

Also, don't judge a book by its cover, and don't look at people and things you are not familiar with by your own inherent thoughts. Finally, I hope you and I can reap our own honor and happiness like Judy!


When I was young, the stage play seemed to others to be just an idiotic dream and a phantom bubble. In Judy's mind, the seeds of dreams are really taking root. Dreams are at the end of the road, and the road to realization is so long, with "you die", "you die" and "you die", traffic policemen waiting with full expectation, sometimes frustrated, sometimes frustrated, but the pleasure of chasing dreams can always occupy most of this journey. On tiptoe, with 200 tickets, Judy is one step closer to her dream. A kind help, an enlarged figure, he followed her fate. Bypassing time, overcoming difficulties, and finally doing our best, all animals gather in one city. Dreams are good, so are fairy tales. What I like is this warm healing feeling. I love this rabbit and her dreams.

The stage is as big as the heart is.

Judy's unintentional loss in the interview not only lost her friend Nick, but also plunged the animal city into unprecedented chaos. She returned to her hometown to start selling carrots in frustration. After taking the oath, Nick was put on a muzzle, laughed at and beaten by other animals. In despair, he became an untrustworthy fox in other people's mouth: a hawker who evaded taxes and was abducted.


Since everyone thinks foxes are untrustworthy, why should I change them? You see, they have also been injured, and they have lost their blood on the road of dreaming. But what's so terrible about it? Judy never forgets the dream of police officers, and Nick always has a good heart, so they finally punish evil and promote good, and save the peace of animal city. What is terrible is the initial heart, the initial dream, which disappeared in the passage of time.

So old-fashioned, so warm.


well written! ~~shine on lovely <3 ~~