Rastafari 🔯 Religion or Spirituality? ☥

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Greetings Hivers, @NaturalMedicine is hosting a spirituality challenge, so I thought I would sit down and discuss the concept of the Rastafari movement as spirituality or a religion.

Rastafari....So Which One Is It?

     I speak only for myself and my personal spiritual journey within this video, sharing my views on various Rastafari movements and concepts, and when the spiritual line crosses over to the religious. There are some very organized movements, and also individuals that choose a one-away trod.

     I guess I should let the video speak for itself, watch and you'll see how my spiritual journey has unfolded, and where I stand now. Do participate in this challenge if you have the time, we in the Natural Medicine Community would love to more about you and how your spirituality affects your life. If you'd like to know more, please visit the official announcement post below for the full details.


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