"Christopher Robin" : a timeless message

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Christopher Robin is a film that primarily appeals to parents and outlines the problems of adults that are likely to be uninteresting to children if you risk leading them to this picture. Moreover, the appeal is very rude, straightforward and clumsy. Parents, do not forget that your children need your attention! Do not disappear all the time at work, or risk losing your children, miss the most interesting period of their life!


Play the most ridiculous games with them, read them, sit back with them! Do not forget that work is necessary in order to live, and not life is needed in order to work! It seems that the author of "Winnie the Pooh" Alan Milne, who pretty much ruined his son's life, has risen from the grave and is trying to correct what he had done or at least somehow warn other fathers.

Interestingly, Christopher Robin came out a year after another film with almost the same title - Goodbye Christopher Robin. But if Goodbye Christopher Robin tells about the life of the real Christopher Robin Milne and his uneasy relationship with his father, then the new Christopher Robin is dedicated to Christopher Robin the book - although he has common features with his prototype, but still a fictional character. Like the real Christopher Robin Milne, shown in the film, Christopher Robin served in the army, returned from the war and is trying to ensure a decent future for his family in a difficult period for Britain, forgetting that the family primarily needs him, his participation and love. And only a friend of his childhood can return to Christopher Robin, who was lost in the big world,


Christopher Robin is a very uneven film, changing the storytelling style and pace several times. Initially, the authors briefly retell the life of Christopher Robin from leaving school to returning from the war, interspersed with short, sometimes really minute episodes with chapter titles and drawings in the style of Ernest Shepard's legendary illustrations for Winnie the Pooh. This is followed by a half-hour, incredibly boring, slow and gray passage, which tells about the hopeless life and boring work of Christopher Robin. And then Vinnie appears ...


However, the phenomenon of a teddy bear does not turn the film into a comedy in the spirit of Paddington 2 or Peter Rabbit . At first, this is also a rather sad story about an abandoned toy that has lost the meaning of life. And only in the last half hour the film becomes brighter and funnier, but at the same time it still does not become childish. The funniest jokes here are put into the mouth of Eeyore, and it's more of a sarcastic black trolling aimed at parents.

Interestingly, all the plush characters in the film are real dolls. Of course, in the process of their revival, it was not done without computer graphics, but the use of dolls adds realism and lively spontaneity to the picture. The fairy-tale characters turned out to be really very cute.


Undoubtedly, Christopher Robin's strong point is the ensemble cast. In addition to Ewan's “You are my last hope” McGregor and Hayley “Agent Carter” Atwell, the film featured the wonderful Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, Doctor Who), Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Oliver Ford Davis, Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who), Toby Jones and others honored English actors.


However, Christopher Robin is not at all the film that you want to recommend to your friends. He is strange, uneven, nervous, at times provoking even some kind of rejection by his simplicity and straightforwardness. But at the same time, he is sometimes very sweet and incredibly kind. A strange, inexplicable duality. However, the same applies to the books that inspired the filmmakers. Not everyone likes the story of a boy and his toy friends in a fictional fairy forest.


Thanks a lot for the heads-up on a film I am now very curious to check. Great review!

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