Classic action films that can be watched endlessly

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Immortal Hollywood classics and new cinematography that will remain in our hearts for a long time.


Many of these action films have been nominated for Oscar and Saturn, and have also made it to the top of publications like Empire. But the main thing that unites them is the high marks of critics and the sincere love of the audience.

The fast and the furious


The film that launched the huge franchise follows undercover cop Brian O'Connor. He infiltrates Dominic Toretto's gang to investigate an attack on trailers carrying equipment, but gradually becomes sympathetic to the criminals.



Reckless action game starring Jason State. Chev Chelios was poisoned with an unusual poison, which will begin to act as soon as the pulse drops below a certain level. Now the main character is forced to do everything so that his body constantly produces adrenaline.

Mission: Impossible


CIA officer Ethan Hunt is suspected of the deaths of several agents from his team. To clear himself of the charges, Hunt will have to find a real traitor.



The adaptation of the famous comic book series tells about the representative of justice with almost unlimited rights, as well as his assistant. The partners go to a giant skyscraper, where they began to produce a new drug.

Face / Off

FBI agent Sean Archer is involved in the capture of dangerous terrorists - the brothers Castor and Pollux Troy. The operation is successful: Pollux is arrested, and Castor falls into a coma. Later, the police find out that the brothers managed to plant the bomb. To find her, Sean Archer agrees to transplant Castor's face and infiltrate his gang.

Escape from New York


The events of the film unfold against the backdrop of the Third World War. A group of radicals kidnap the president and imprison him in Manhattan. War veteran Plissken was injected with a deadly poison and ordered to pull the president out. Only after completing the task will he be able to receive an antidote.


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