How to choose a technique for meditation

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Even if you are already familiar with Meditation, How to calm down and fight negative thoughts , in any case it will be useful for you to read this material as well. The question of what to focus on when choosing a technique for meditation is one of the most important and common among people who are just starting to introduce meditation practice into their lives.

Today there are a huge number of meditation techniques and hundreds of all kinds of recommendations for their choice and mastering, but it is very easy to get confused in this variety. And this diversity itself can often discourage any desire to start meditating. Next, we want to talk about the main, in our opinion, things that any beginner should be guided by.


The information you will be introduced to should not be viewed as if it were pointing to a particular practice. We aim to introduce you to the basic concepts of the selection process itself. This is a kind of algorithm by which you need to build it. Use it as a ready-made template when searching, choosing and evaluating a particular technique.

Health is perhaps the main thing when it comes to choosing a technique for meditation, because there is nothing more important than that. One should not take the practice of meditation lightly, thinking that it is just "some kind of sitting" to find peace. In fact, it has a very powerful effect on the body (which you will learn in the article " Scientific evidence of the benefits of meditation ").

It is very important to understand that the wrong practice of meditation can be bad for your health. Therefore, the choice must be approached as consciously and seriously as possible. This means that several nuances must be taken into account:

Some techniques don't work. Unfortunately, there are most of such techniques. As a rule, these are "modern" techniques, invented by someone who knows who and why. At best, they will be just a waste of time and will not bring any benefit. Such techniques are full of many sites and books of people who have neither a proper understanding of spiritual development, nor worthwhile experience in this. You need to choose techniques that have been proven over the years, and for this, it is better to read about any option of interest in the same Wikipedia.

Some techniques are harmful. Any meditation should be based on harmony and positive energy. On the vastness of the World Wide Web today you can find a variety of techniques, including those related to black magic, in which some kind of conspiracies, sentences, etc. are used. Practicing such things can harm yourself, your health and life in general. Firstly, you never need to do something that you do not have even the slightest idea, and secondly, by using negative energy, you can start to attract it.


Some techniques are not suitable for beginners . Very effective meditation techniques are often found both on the Internet and in the specialized literature. However, you don't need to try everything right away, because many effective techniques will only "work" if they are practiced by an experienced person. In the absence of experience, some things may be misunderstood, something may be overlooked.

In particular, we advise you to pay special attention to such components of some meditative practices as reading or chanting mantras, concentrating on the chakras, activating the Kundalini energy, concentrating on the third eye, etc. If you are interested in any such practice, be sure to figure out in advance what you do not know or do not fully understand.

Some techniques are universal. This includes techniques that have a very mild effect on the mind, spirit and body of the practitioner (these are the techniques we wrote about in the article "Meditation for beginners"). They are not able to transform consciousness overnight, overwhelmingly affect the mind, or produce any other similar effect. With the help of them, a person slowly but surely begins to work on himself and his states, gradually preparing to master more advanced techniques.

All that has been said you must without fail take note. If you take it lightly, the consequences can be dire. You may feel worse, overtake a depressive or very tired state, and instead of receiving energy from your activities, you will only give it away.

Form a healthy and correct attitude towards meditation in your mind. Do not take anything on faith, do not use whatever comes first, do not consider meditation to be fun. Plus, this practice should be treated with respect, because a lot depends on how the person himself perceives what he is doing.

A common reason that a person chooses the wrong meditation technique for himself is a banal ignorance or misunderstanding of why he needs this practice at all. As a result, he begins to apply everything that comes into his field of vision, without getting any results.


Imagine that you are applying for a job, but you have no idea who and where you want to work, what functions you want to perform; you don't even really know what you can do and what you like. What will happen in the end? As a result, you will spend your time doing whatever, and the likelihood that you will find something suitable, make a career and start earning is extremely small.

When you decide to start practicing meditation, set a simple goal for yourself, for example, learn how to relax or calm down, start worrying less, or get rid of insomnia. Based on this, it will be much easier and easier to find what suits you.


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