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Dieting on vacation and staying fit can be tricky. How many times have you sworn to yourself to immediately find out where the gym is in your hotel, and eat exclusively vegetables, fruits, fish and a little meat? How many times has it turned out as you promised yourself? If we play a fitness game that will help at least partially reduce the damage done to your figure by vacation, and at least slightly drown out the voice of conscience.

When you are at home, you usually have a well-functioning system: proper nutrition, healthy sleep and exercise schedule. However, as soon as we go on vacation, the whole system collapses, we begin to be torn between an established system and a fun pastime with friends. Especially if your friends are not such zealous fans of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, adherence to sleep and avoiding alcohol.


How not to spoil the rest of yourself and your friends and at the same time maintain balance? Nerd Fitness founder Steve Camp invites you to play a game. ;)

The basic principle of this training game on vacation is that every “bad” action must be replaced by a “good” one.

For each "adult" drink, do 10 push-ups right after the drink, before you go to drink it, or the next morning. Leaving push-ups in the morning will be one of the biggest mistakes, since you have to do push-ups for all the alcohol you drink and the number of push-ups will hardly be ten.

Do 50 squats each time you eat junk food. Do it before or after a meal - it's up to you.
Each time passing by structures that resemble horizontal bars and on which you can hang (this is one of the main conditions), perform several pull-ups.

Forget about the existence of elevators! There is none of them! This is all your dastardly imagination!
Try to walk as much as possible. If your destination is two kilometers away, walk this path, and at the same time get a better look at the city.

Try to involve your friends or family in this game - throwing parties will become even more fun. ;)

The game partially compensates for all these small weaknesses, but this does not mean at all that you can completely break away, turning everything upside down: admirers of the paleo diet switch to pancakes and pizza, teetotalers replace water with margarita and daiquiri, and vegetarians enjoy a delicious medium steak. roasting. We bring ourselves almost into a food coma and end up with a food hangover that lasts much longer than our vacation.

Therefore, if you do not want to disentangle the consequences for a long time, you will have to adhere to some rules:

Break your vacation boom and bust cycle. Most people fall into this cycle: first they starve themselves for several weeks in order to then not count calories during their holidays, and then they break loose and eat everything the hotel has to offer. After returning from vacation, they feel like trash cans and again go on a diet, feeling completely unhappy. Remember: there are no "before" and "after", there is only "during"! Keep track of what you eat, whether you are on vacation, at home or at work.

Selective fasting. If you feel like you went overboard yesterday, skip breakfast; if you ate too much at lunch, you do not have to take a full dinner. It helps to balance between uncontrolled eating of everything that ends up on your plate, and hysterical adherence to a certain diet, which, by the way, often brings hysteria not so much to you as to your holiday companions.

Alternate unhealthy foods with healthy foods. Just remember the rule "Never two in a row!" On vacation, it is difficult to resist culinary temptations, but they can be combined with more or less wholesome food. For example, french fries or pizza can be supplemented with herbs and vegetables, and after a snack with cookies, do not reach for a new pack, but take an apple, and so on.


Drink plenty of water. Remember to drink water and remember that for every cup of coffee or glass of wine you drink, you must drink the same amount of water.

Try not to combine alcohol and a lot of carbohydrates. Yes, it will not be easy, since alcoholic drinks usually want to eat something not very healthy, but try not to combine at least. Be mindful of what you pour into yourself.

So put the game in your vacation, combine healthy food with unhealthy food, relax and enjoy your vacation. Yes, this will not be a completely healthy lifestyle, but such a balance will minimize the negative effects of rest and at least slightly muffle the voice of our conscience. ;)


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