The Path To Self-Improvement

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The topic of self-development in recent years has become so relevant that in a decent society it is somehow not even accepted to admit that you are not engaged in developing yourself in any direction: spiritual, intellectual, etc. In principle, self-development is a necessary thing, but it's not just about following trends.

Self-development allows you to stay in good shape, intellectually or physically, depending on the chosen direction. Self-development gives new and returns the emotions long forgotten in adult life of discovering new facets of reality and their own capabilities. Self-development always expands the circle of communication and helps us find like-minded people, because in almost any area of ​​new knowledge there are training seminars, online resources, interest groups that help move in the chosen direction.


But did you choose the right direction? And, in general, have you ever wondered where you are going, including through self-development ? Let's think together! What for? And at least in order to avoid typical mistakes on the path of self-development and the associated disappointments.

We started with the fact that self-development is a useful thing. But only if this is your choice, and not the requirement of the parents who enrolled the child in 100,500 circles without taking into account his wishes, or the boss, who forcibly drove the entire sales department to a seminar on new communication techniques with customers.

In these cases, we can talk as much as possible about broadening our horizons and hope that part of what we have heard will come to mind and be used at the right time. Or maybe it won't come up. Therefore, if you regularly attend all the seminars where you are sent "from work", do not flatter yourself. This is not self-development at all, but a continuation of your functional work responsibilities.

In principle, self-development can also be an independent goal, but, as we just found out, in the absence of one's own motives for moving forward, efforts become blurred. As a result, you do not get the results you want because you don’t understand what, in fact, the result you want.

For example, we all know that learning foreign languages ​​is good and rewarding. However, until you decide for yourself whether you need spoken English for travel, or French for further studies at the Sorbonne, or Italian for organizing a joint venture with Italy to make fashion clothes, you are unlikely to achieve the required level of proficiency in the chosen foreign language . And then you will not be able to use your knowledge at all, even on an elementary occasion: to answer a question, ask for directions, etc. Therefore, when choosing the direction of self-development, it is advisable to imagine the ultimate goal, at least in general terms.


Life moves forward, and goals can lose relevance not only because of your mood or life circumstances, but also because of global changes. So, your desire to study at Oxford may remain unfulfilled due to some external restrictions imposed by the state, educational institution, visa center, and the World Health Organization.

However, this does not mean that you need to quit studying English. You need to be able to read and know grammar in any case, whether you need English for study, work or travel abroad. Therefore, excessive detailing of self-development goals at the start can be no less harmful than a complete lack of understanding of your goals. Almost any direction of self-development has a certain basic level that must be mastered, regardless of why you decide to take up language, dance, sports, meditation, time management or anything else.

We all hear the advice "read more" from childhood. Good advice only if something from what you read remains in your head, and does not fade the next day. That is why it is better to read the fiction that you have already grown up to and which resonates with you. And that is why what you read in applied disciplines must be put into practice.

So, if you decide to become a programmer, you cannot limit yourself only to reading special literature and learning programming languages. You should definitely try to create something of your own in practice. In this regard, even the simplest HTML Self-Tutorial , which allows you to create your first website page an hour after the start of classes, will be more useful than a ton of programming books you have read, if you never try to make at least the simplest website or mobile application yourself.

For many people, the situation is strictly the opposite: they do not want to waste time on a dead dry theory, but suffer faster to move to practice. Fortunately, in many areas, especially in creativity, there are self-taught people who have achieved success without special education. Therefore, people who want, for example, to play the guitar and sing, are often sure that they do not need to study anywhere, that they do not need musical notation, solfeggio and music theory.


The lead singer of Muse Matthew Bellamy, lead singer of Rammstein Till Lindemann, Paul McCartney of The Beatles and many others who independently learned to sing and play musical instruments are often cited as role models. But, firstly, few people have an ideal ear for music by nature. Secondly, almost all great performers had their own role models and their own methods of self-development .

For example, Paul McCartney, when he was learning to play the guitar, took an example from the American musician Slim Whitman, and this helped him overcome the difficulty that guitars are tuned right-handed by default, and McCartney was left-handed, like Whitman. Therefore, it is worth taking a few practical lessons from professionals in any case. And it costs much less than even the simplest guitar. And cheaper than mistakes in mastering any area you choose.


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