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HI My name is Maciej Ficek, I am 23 years old; Soon I graduate Mathematics at Warsaw University.

I would like to do something relevant during summer and even continue it later if it will be fine. I like every branch of Mathematics except Probability and Statistics (which are unfortunately the most popular ones in job offers).

Apart from what I know so far, I am open to learn anything new for the job (except probability, statistics and Java which I hate). I can learn Finance, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc I have basic knowledge of Python and Rust and I love them.

I am open for learning other languages, e. g. Haskell, Javascript, Go, Dart. I dont like Java. I also dont want to learn C or C++ as Rust does everything better than them so there is no point in it. I can do it remotely or in Warsaw/Lodz (Poland).

Unfortunately 99,5% of Math job offers are realted with probability or statistics which I very dislike an therefore it is hard for me to find a job. Best wishes.

I can even do it for free or semi-free. I can also obtain salary in crypto.

Thanks in advance for reading my article.

Stay cool!