Children eating sea urchins at the shore

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The children in our place are good at searching for this type of sea urchin. The one that can be found under the sand. When the sea is in the dry season. A lot of children went to the sea on their own. They don't need their parents to accompany them. They learned from their parents or from adults. That's why they can fill their stomachs by searching sea urchins. That serves as the viand food for the rice.


Early this morning, I went for a walk. I was roaming around at the shore. There were no specific reasons. I just felt like walking and wandering around. When I stopped walking. I saw these children were eating already. I took a closer look. I just wanted to check what they were eating. I know for sure it's a sea urchin. I was just wondering if the flesh of it was bigger. Usually, when there's a full moon. Small flesh of sea urchins would be expected.


That one inside of the thorns was its flesh. It's not that bad I guess. There's something that could be eaten. As long as you will have a lot of sea urchins. It's enough to mix it in the rice. Even though it's just small. It can make the rice food edible. It will help the rice become delicious. That was all about anyway. To add something to the rice.

It's not a coincidence to see these two children eating here. I knew them. They were my neighbours. The two of them had no father. I mean they were being abandoned. They're currently living with their grandparents. Not to discriminate against them or something. It's nice to see them overcome their hunger for the viand food. When you keep on eating rice. It's hard to eat it without viand food or to pair with it.

This was not new to me or to the people who are living here. Even I or other people did the same if we didn't have viand food. What they were doing was not to pity them. Instead, we should praise them. Even at their young age, they knew how to survive when hunger strikes. They were amazing.


After it, I took my distance because I thought they were ashamed. They stopped eating when I kept looking at them. You know children, so I should be the one to understand them.

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