Long Distance Relationship

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It's normal to feel the eagerness. That kind of feeling you want to be with her/him all the time. You know love when it's just beginning. The warmth of the grip to each other is irrevocable. The touch of her/his lips to you will make you feel in heaven. It's okay not to do anything. Seeing him/her in front of you is enough to make you happy. Just hearing her/his voice will let you forget everything. You're in love after all and that matters.

What if both of you have dreams. Before deciding to live together for eternity. You must accomplish something for your future. Like having money in building a family. There's a house you need to build as well. Separating each other will be inevitable. It's not that the love story for the two of you will end. Will the feelings for the two of you change? Did you think that 99% of possibility your relationship will break apart?


I know you're just afraid. Of course, imagine you will not be with her/him all the time. He/She loves you because of your actions and not just by your words. What if the things he/she loved to you will be found to other people? It's hard just by thinking like that. You're not sure to yourself that she/he will not fall to someone else. The attitude of a human is not constant after all. There will always be a possibility that it suddenly changes.


One of the best factors to avoid a quarrel. Avoid misunderstanding or else each one of you will get tired. Even if you're jealous you should trust your loved ones. Don't trigger things to make a fire. It's hard to explain to each other through long distance. You can't hug him/her to forget what you've just said. It's better to avoid it rather than fixing it. There's no assurance that it can be fixed.


Never forget to inform each other about going to a certain place. Both of you don't know who is being with you. Together with that jealousy, there's a worried person. In order not to feel like you still have time for each other. Communication is the only way to let them feel that the love is still there. Talking and just talking. At least spend time having a conversation for just a short time.


Give time to each other and actually, it's related to communication. You don't see each other so it's important to give a time when you're not busy. If you're busy let him/her understand. For sure it can be understandable since you love each other.


I mean it's normal to be friendly. You don't know that you will need them in time. If you don't distance yourself. There will be a big possibility that you will fall to someone else. That feeling of being comfortable will be responsible for sure. It's because you will share everything with that person. And this person will always comfort you that it leads to being close to each other. If that time comes, some part of your heart will give value to that person. It's being proven, so take this seriously.


There are many things what to remember to make sure that LDR will not end to break. As a person being in love, you should feel responsible for who is loving you. Think of it that if you will have an affair. There will be a heart that bleeds. There will be someone that might kill himself/herself because of what you might do.

Although, long-distance is not a reason as long as you really love each other. UNDERSTANDING has the main role to make the relationship stronger. Never forget why both of you decided to sacrifice to be apart. Always remember that you're doing it for your loved ones. You're not doing just for fun. In that type of thinking. It's possible that "Long Distance Relationship" will not be broken.

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