How to Immerse children in the creative process

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The purpose of this article is not to panic or sow terror. Here I will not tell you about what is actually happening in the world with the coronavirus. I am just stating a fact: schools and kindergartens in many countries are closed or are being quarantined. And when they will work again is still unknown. There are, of course, deadlines, but they can be easily moved.

But no one canceled remote work for mothers. This means that now you have to do it with the child. Those who have freelanced with children at least once will understand the headache of a remote worker. Every 5 minutes a gentle child's hand is tugging at you and demands attention, every minute you hear questions: “ What? But as? And why? “Every second, you flinch with noise and screeching. And there is nowhere to hide. Children are yours. And work responsibilities are yours too.

Complicating the situation is the fact that it is not safe to ask friends, relatives or employees for help during a pandemic. Therefore, it is best to rely only on yourself and on the people who live with you in the same house.

There are 2 very important points here:

  • The activity must be safe. No games with medicines, work tools or kitchen appliances. Do not leave your child unattended for a long time.

  • The lesson should be interesting for your child. Otherwise, your idea will fail. Does your child love books but doesn't read yet? To help audiokazki or various books to look at. And you do not need to sit him down for plasticine if he hates modeling.

By the way, an excellent selection of audio stories for children can be found in our article “How to work if a child is sick. Step-by-step strategy".

During quarantine, it will be difficult for you to do without cartoons. Yes, this is not the best solution. But sometimes cartoons can be a real salvation. Alternatively, children's educational programs, documentaries about animals and travel are suitable . Many children like them very much. And be sure to control what and how long the child is watching.

Podcasts can also entertain the kid . These are audio broadcasts that you can listen to on the Internet. There are a lot of great podcasts for kids online - about life in other countries. By the way, children also host the podcast.

Give him pencils and a drawing paper. The large sheet format will be new. And what can you draw there! And make a map and circle parts of the body. And if you are not afraid to entrust the child with finger paints, then there will be no limit to the flight of imagination. Just be prepared that after such creativity you will have to take up cleaning.

Make sure to make time for your child.

Take work breaks, play with him and walk in the fresh air. Try to spend this time playing active games. For example, play hide-and-seek or catch-up, or even host a football match. For this, a special ball is suitable for playing in an apartment. So the baby will spend more energy, and after that it will give you fruitful work on the Internet .

And remember, children are the smartest creatures in the world. Even if it seems to us that they do not understand a lot. Talk to your child. Explain to him why mom is busy right now and cannot make time for him. Believe me, sooner or later your child will get used to the new routine, and it will become much easier to work at home .


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