If you are not beautiful enough, you will blame the sky and everything? ! You don't live to understand

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Speaking of Kate Winslet , you will definitely think of Leonardo DiCaprio and " Titanic ".


Leonardo was tender and handsome at the time, but Kate was fat and beautiful.

The life and death love affair between Jack and Rose has also become one of the most romantic and poignant loves in the history of film.


In reality, the two also walked from the scene to the outside, and once had a relationship.

It's a pity that Jack died in the movie, and in reality the two didn't make it to the end.

After "Titanic", Leonardo only won the Oscar statuette in 2016 (the 88th Oscar for Best Actor Award).

However, he has starred in many great movies and has always been well-known.

But Kate seemed to be silent for a long time, and there was not much sound after "Titanic".

In fact, they won the Oscar statuette as early as 2008 (the 81st Oscar for Best Actress Award).

Relying on the following movie——

The Reader


This movie is complicated!

It is a romance movie, a movie related to World War II, and a movie about personal dignity and shame.

How to say? This starts with the love between the old and the young.

In Germany in 1958, the teenager felt unwell on the way home from school and vomited on the side of the road.


A kind middle-aged woman passed by him, caring for the teenager and sending the teenager home.


The young man's name is Michael, and the middle-aged woman's name is Hannah.

That year, Michael was 15 years old and Hannah was 36 years old.

Michael is at school and Hannah is the conductor on the tram.



Three months later, Michael got better and took flowers to thank Hannah.


Michael accidentally saw Hannah wearing stockings and couldn't move his eyes.


After being discovered by Hannah, the young man ran away in a hurry.

However, the teenager has been deeply attracted by the charm of Hannah's mature woman. As soon as school is over, Michael waits at the door of Hannah's house.


Hannah immediately understood what Michael was thinking, and asked him to dig coal, making him dirty, so it was logical to let him take a bath.


Then, something indescribable happened to the two people and they talked about love.


The actor who plays the young Michael is David Klaus, born in 1990 and just 18 years old in 2008.


Not particularly handsome, but a superb body.

Look at their 18-year-old, and then look at yourself, the gap is so big that I can't cry.

There is a 21-year difference in this relationship, and two people walking together are more like a mother and child.


But at this time, they still couldn't care so much.

At the beginning of every relationship, it is hot.

The same goes for Hannah and Michael.

Michael stopped playing with his classmates, and ran to find Hannah after school.

When two people meet, there is a raging fire.

One day, Hannah asked about Michael at school, and the boy read a few lines to Hannah.

Hannah showed great interest and asked Michael to read more books to herself.

Because Hannah is illiterate, but she yearns for words again.

And because she was ashamed of being illiterate, she never told Michael about it.

After that, Hannah and Michael agreed to read aloud first and then sex.

This can also be seen, Hannah's yearning for knowledge.

When Michael handed her the book, she said she preferred to listen to him.

When two people took the menu to order, she said that just like him would do.


Michael has never discovered Hannah's secret.

Hannah likes to hear him read aloud, so he reads to her.


Sometimes in the bed, sometimes in the bathtub.



Hannah will laugh and cry when she hears the emotion.



However, this happy period is extremely short.

Hannah worked diligently as a conductor, and was promoted to the office because of her outstanding work.


However, this is a good thing for ordinary people to get a promotion and raise salary, but it is a disaster for Hannah.

Because she-illiterate!

That day, Michael came to see Hannah as usual, but Hannah lost his temper and blasted the boy away.


When Michael returned, Hannah had already left.


In 1966, the Second World War had long ended, but the trial of the Second World War continued.

23-year-old Michael became a law student and was taken by his tutor to the court hearing.


Hannah, 43, was sitting in the dock.


No one could have imagined that they would meet in this way.

It turns out that Hannah worked in a Nazi concentration camp!

She and five other women were former guards in Nazi concentration camps.

Because of a fire that killed 300 prisoners, the other five women unanimously identified Hannah as their leader.



The judge took out a report on the fire and asked Hannah to take notes in court.



In order to preserve her self-esteem, Hannah, who is illiterate, confessed a crime that did not belong to her.


The six women had the same guilt, but the other five women were sentenced to only 4 years, and Hannah was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Michael, who was sitting in the gallery, witnessed all this. When he saw that Hanna would rather admit a crime that was not his own than take notes and compare it, it reminded him of the past.


He finally understood why Hannah liked to listen to him and never read.

After discovering Hannah’s secrets, Michael could have appeared in court to testify for her, and Hannah would not have been sentenced so severely.

Because of his self-esteem, because he was ashamed of his old and young love with Hannah, and because he couldn't forgive Hanna for being an executioner in a Nazi concentration camp, Michael did nothing in the end.


After that, he had his own life, a wife, a daughter, a lawyer, and a happy life.

However, he soon divorced his wife and was very distant from his daughter.


The woman he loves most in his heart is Hannah.

This love is very short and very long.

It was only a summer, and it was so long that it affected Michael for a lifetime.


And it failed to escape the weakness of human nature.

Because of personal self-esteem and shame, two people cannot be together when they fall in love.

One was sentenced to life imprisonment for being ashamed of being illiterate.

One didn't choose to stand up because he was ashamed of the love between the young and the old when he was young.


The film also contains another proposition: Are all people who have worked for the Nazis guilty?


There are many movies on the theme of World War II, but they are all accusing the war and the Nazis of harm to the world.

Such as "Schindler's List", "The Boy in Striped Pajamas".

It seems that all those who worked for the Nazis deserved to die.

This is the first time that someone views the Nazis from another angle.

As Michael’s legal advisor said:

People think that society is maintained by morals

Actually no, the law is maintaining society

6000 people worked for the Nazis

Are they guilty?

The question is not whether it is right, but whether it is legal

The standard of conviction is not the current law, but the current law

Imagine that when a political party rules a country, the people in it are like frogs at the bottom of a well, and the information they know is one-sided or processed.

For Hannah, serve the Nazis because there are jobs available there.


For Hannah, there are prisoners in the concentration camp, and it is her duty to supervise the prisoners and obey orders.


When we look at that period of history now, Hannah is guilty.

But judging from the circumstances at the time, Hannah did nothing wrong.

For Michael, Hannah has always been the woman who warmed him in the heavy rain.