Canton style hotpot fresh and nourishing

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There is a Cantonese saying: "When a hot pot is rolled, the gods will not be able to stand still! This is their generic term for hot pot. Unlike other hot pots, Cantonese hot pot focuses on the original taste of the ingredients and takes the route of nourishment. Shunde's unique congee hot pot is called "no rice congee", which means a milky white porridge with no rice in sight, the essence of the rice is concentrated in it. The soup is made from Qingyuan chicken, strained and added to the fragrant rice. After simmering for 4 hours, the rice is reduced to nothing and the dregs are strained away. When eating hotpot with a congee base, the order in which the ingredients are added is important. The seafood lays down the fresh flavour, then the meat and vegetables are added, and the layers of freshness are enchanting. Some people always say that you can't have good beef hotpot if you leave Chaoshan. The beef hotpot may look like a clear soup, but behind it is a chain of connections. The Chaoshan region eats yellow beef, which not only has quality, but also has to be served quickly in order to maintain freshness. The beef must not lose too much water or become stiff so that its freshness is not compromised.
A whole cow is full of treasures - five-flowered toe, spoon kernel, hanging dragon and breast oil - and the subtlety of the taste varies from part to part. There are also secrets to shabu-shabu: one for the blood, two for the acidity and three for the fibre. Served with a salsa sauce, the salty sweetness is mixed with the meat and fills your mouth with the fatty flavour of the beef. And don't waste the leftover beef, make them into round beef balls that really do bounce like the ones in Gusteau! Cantonese people are very health-conscious and are very concerned about food therapy, and pork belly chicken is a typical example of "medicine and food from the same source". As a tonic recipe at court during the Qing Dynasty, pork belly chicken was also known by its overbearing alias: phoenix reincarnation. Pepper is the finishing touch to the creamy white pork belly chicken soup base, adding a touch of spice without overpowering the main dish. Pork belly strengthens the spleen and nourishes the blood, while chicken boosts the immune system. The two work together to nourish the stomach and are perfect for warding off the winter chill.
The dipping sauce is seasoned with soya sauce, chilli rings, sesame oil and spring onions and garlic for a simple yet refreshing taste. No matter how full you are from the pork belly chicken, Taitai will definitely save a tummy for the golden ingredient of the pork belly chicken hot pot, the preserved rice in a pot. The aroma and oils of the preserved flavours permeate every grain of rice, and you can't get enough of the preserved flavours before eating the rice and soulful pot roast for a few bowls. The seafood hotpot, often found in Versailles literature, is described in two words as "precious". The Cantonese, who live off the sea, have brought all the treasures of the sea to the table, including lobster, abalone and king crab ...... There is everything you need. There are two ways to eat the freshly prepared seafood: sashimi dishes with soy sauce or wasabi, or just shabu-shabu. No matter how you eat it, the freshness of the best seafood is not bad, and even the broth is as fresh as it can be.