Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare - Seafood Spaghetti : Step by Step recipe inside!

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Who doesn't love pasta!? Huh!?

Though it is difficult to match the Italian Chefs on their playground...let me show you how I made my Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare earlier today here in Mauritius!

This dish was on our Iftaar table for breaking the fast just hours ago...and in matter of minutes...all was over!

I'll explain the recipe step by step with photo collage or else this post will be soooo long!

Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare - Seafood Spaghetti


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Ingredients you will need:

  1. Chopped Onion / Chopped Garlic / Fresh Basil.

  2. Carrots & Zucchini - cut in spaghetti form!

  3. Cooking Cream / Tomato concassé.

  4. Seafood mix - Mussels / Prawns / Calamari.

    Not to forget the usual olive oil, salt and pepper!


And cooked spaghetti of course - keep them warm after boiling!



Let's get cooking!!!

  1. Heat oil in your cooking pan and add the chopped garlic - make sure not to let them brown!
  2. Next add on the chopped onions - Sweat for 1 minutes, again don't let them turn brown plz!
  3. Now put in the calamari and cook for 2 minutes!
  4. When the calamari are semi cooked, add the prawns - cook for further 2 minutes. Mix everything well together. Slightly season with salt and pepper.


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Add the veggies!

  1. Next step is to add the finely cut carrots to the pan! Stir well and cook for 30 seconds, not more!
  2. Add in the zucchini and cook until soft!
  3. As the mussels are already cooked, it is only now that we will add them!
  4. Now mix everything together and re check the seasoning - at this stage, the smell is simply irresistible!
    You can add a big spoon of butter if you want!



Tomato , Cream & Pasta!

  1. Put in the tomato concassé!
  2. Cook until a sauce is formed and start boiling!
  3. Cream much as you like!
  4. Let cook until the creamy sauce gets to a boil!
    You can eat this mixture as it is right now - we call it a seafood casserole!


It's nearly ready guys! Patience is virtue!

Add your warm spaghetti to the seafood casserole , mix well together!

A final check on the seasoning + add some fresh basil...


Et Voilà!!!

Our Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare is ready!


Place in serving plates, top up with some cheese...either Parmesan or Cheddar OR just any other cheese you like...



Bon Apetit friends!

I hope I've detailed this recipe well enough to make anyone wishing to prepare some yummy pasta at home become something easy!

As mentioned above, this pasta was on my iftaar table of the day...everyone loved it!
Here's my daughter enjoying her pasta plate!

No need to mention who was the chef!


Thanks for reaching up to here!
Do let me know how you find this recipe!
Will you try it at home?

Wish you all a marvelous day/evening ahead!
Stay Awesome!



Yummy! I agree with you. Everyone definitely loves pasta. This recipe however looks more enticing. Thanks for sharing