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MRS. Serial Killer

Yesterday I watched this movie on Netflix so today I am here to review it. So let's get started.


The story of the film is that pregnant girls are first abortion and then brutally murdered. At the beginning of the film, six girls are missing and all six are pregnant. Their bodies were found in an old Bengali and that bungalow was a doctor's life, but after receiving the bodies, the doctor was sent to jail. And the police inspector prepares all the evidence that the doctor is a criminal and sends the doctor to jail.


The doctor's wife was the heroine of the movie The doctor's wife was told by the doctor to contact one of her present lawyers and was a senior lawyer. Despite all the evidence being against the doctor, the senior lawyer cannot get the doctor out of jail and the court rejects the quote if a bail is sought against him. He then consulted the doctor's wife and advised her to either kill the witness on the street or commit another such murder.


Then the doctor's wife decides to save the doctor. Sheikh will kill a girl in such a way that the code and the people will understand that the killer is still out and the doctor is not the killer. The doctor's wife decided to kill one of his former students. After planning for a few days, he can kidnap his student and take her to the clinic chamber to discuss the whole matter. But the doctor's wife did not kill the girl. She took a body from the morgue of the hospital and left the body there and informed the police. The police think that the killer is still out and such killings are happening again. The doctor's lawyer can then bail the doctor out of the coat and the doctor gets out on bail and the doctor's wife shares everything with the doctor and the doctor expresses his gratitude to his wife. The doctor's wife kidnapped the girl. The girl was in the doctor's chambers. Suddenly one night the doctor got up from bed and went to her clinic and treated the girl in the same way as he had treated the 6 girls. The doctor's wife suddenly saw that the doctor was not in bed. The doctor came and did not find her in bed. His wife went to the clinic chamber and was shocked to see the doctor's appearance.


And the doctor tried to abort the girl in front of his wife, but suddenly the police came and hit the policeman from behind, tied his hands and feet and put him in a chair, and he resumed his work. Suddenly, the police and his wife untied the handcuffs, stabbed the doctor in the back and obstructed the doctor's work. And stabbed the doctor for the purpose of seeing him and he fell ill he was admitted to the hospital he almost recovered the police were shocked and the doctor fled from the clinic chamber. Now the doctor will leave this country and go to another country and resume his activities. Thank you. I have shared this movie review with you. You will see the forgiveness of mistakes. Assalamu Alaikum.

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