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If you think so, you are really wrong, and expressing love is really too heavy. We love someone and there are at least five ways to express it. If you have not done these five ways of expressing love, the other person will only have one idea: Does he really love me?


1. Send gifts

A gift is a visual symbol of love, not in size, but in the degree of care, even if one sentence: wife (husband), meeting you in this life is my greatest blessing. Can easily impress each other.

2. Appreciation and praise

We not only need to praise our children, but also our partner, which is very important for both men and women.


3. Serve each other

In order to make the other person feel comfortable and happy, you do something for him willingly and happily. For example, a great dinner, one time cleaning shoes, one time washing clothes and so on.

4. Physical contact

A hug, a hold, and a kiss, these small gestures of expressing love are very important for couples, especially old couples and old wives, which are very effective in enhancing the relationship between husband and wife.

5. Give your lover an exclusive time

It means that we can make a special time to spend time with each other to spend time with each other.


As the child grows up, he will learn how his parents express their love, and he will run his own family in the future.


Not that I am very happy in a state of love, because in a state of love we feel affection for someone, and if love feels boring it means that there is a feeling that is very hurt @robyls

@robyls el amor es la base de todo en la familia ,comienza primero por amarte a ti mismo para que puedas dar amor !!! Muy buena publicacion