We always think that the child is still young, but in fact he can already pay for his actionssteemCreated with Sketch.

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If our children have developed the habit of shirking responsibilities, then we need to reflect on whether every time a child gets into trouble, we always suppress and blame him on the one hand, and on the other hand always clean up the mess for him?

For example, if the child knocked over the food, we said the child: Why are you so careless? The food is overturned, what else can you do? On the one hand, he helped the child clean up.

This is a habitual practice of being parents. We always feel that our children are still young and cannot handle it by ourselves.
But in fact, we underestimate our children. With simple guidance, the children can pay for their actions.


What should we do? Only three steps:

The first step.

Don't blame at the time. Let's not rush to talk about children. What we need to do at this time is not to be angry or anxious.

The second step

let the child bear it in the process. For example, if the porridge is overturned, we only need to ask the child: baby, what do you need? The child said: Mom, give me tissues. We just give him the tissues and let him wipe it himself. Clean up wherever it is dirty. If he doesn't bear it, don't take it for him.

The third step

sum up the experience and lessons afterwards, when the child is finished cleaning up, then ask the child: baby, what can we do so that we will not overturn the porridge? The child said: I will not knock over with my hands, and will not knock when I put it inside.


If we try this way, we will find that the child is actually smarter than we thought. He can actually do the things we thought he could not do.