🦋 Insect Hunting For White Peacock Butterflies 🐍 Snake Surprise & Song 🎙️

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Hello everybody, today I would like to make post video about I find insects in the plantain garden. I learned to edit video but I still do not understand much about it.

This is my first time to make a 3Speak video, so if there are mistakes I am really sorry 🙏🏻. I am really not good at speaking English, my pronunciation is so bad! My little girl corrects me sometimes when I speak wrong.

But I still am not better than before 😆 because I am very old. Now I want to write about my happiness when I find insects and what problems I have with this video. This video @justinparke help me to put video in 3Speak.

This is original picture

Before I record video alone in the garden but before I finish the video my two daughters come to visit and play over there also. I did feel fresh and happy at that time.

Normally when I feel good I love to sing even though my sound is not good, but I still love to sing. I sing for the butterflies and other insects to hear, 😉 just joking. I always like to speak with butterflies when I see them, maybe you think I am crazy 😜🤣.

This photo I crop it a little bit

When I am talking for the camera, I hear @kidsisters Srey-Yuu say in Khmer, "Snake..snake..snake!" Then she runs over there. Monkey-B and I, we heard her shout "...snake snake!", We run together away from the garden.

Oh those times my heart jump like it want to go outside, because the place she said see the snake is close to where I standing , and I just walked over there maybe one or two minutes ago. Hmm... we are so scared of it. So if you want to know, please watch this video. I hope you enjoy my post. Have a beautiful day everybody 😊😁.


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